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  1. That's right ,but he still let in a soft goal , and he do that in every single game ,why W.D don't give this game for Demko???
  2. Soft maybe not the right think to say , not soft ,but CAN'T FIGHT , in the STANLEY CUP playoff player must fight for 16 win ,team need two or three strong leader for that ,the Sedin's DO NOT HAVE THAT LEADERSHIP QUALITY anymore.We don't have Kesler Bieksa ,and STRONG Burrows
  3. About Henrik and Daniel :Linden said not fair to avoid this two ,and that's right .But I think if J.B try to trade the Sedin's no team interested in the NHL. Team trade for win the cup ,and we all know with to soft player like Henrik and Daniel this is impossible .With all do respect the SEDIN'S TIME IS OVER .Give some position in the organization , but take off from the ice , that is good think to do for both part.Or let them play and we go the same way like edmonton ,last team in the NHL for years to come
  4. I miss Rick Ripyen ,he taking care of f.cking a..hole kadri
  5. go lefs go , that's what I hear in our own building ,PATHETIC
  6. I smell this game is over
  7. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  8. yes really , I want to see some answer what happen last time , I don't see nothing ,just a bunch of baby , what a .uck , that a..hole kadri still on the ice ,mehhhhhhhhhhh
  9. the canucks play like a kindergarden hockey
  10. Yes 6 mill is okay , no problem , and ye he is a very good player ...... now !! But the six year was way to long .
  11. I missing two BPA lol
  12. Nice , you find a HUNGARIAN picture , haha ,
  13. Good , Edmonton can't have the number one pick this year , because E have last year
  14. Can never , NEVER happen with W.D
  15. No, we lost two moor to 5:2 ,make sure nobody past as in the next 100 year