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  1. Yes 6 mill is okay , no problem , and ye he is a very good player ...... now !! But the six year was way to long .
  2. I missing two BPA lol
  3. Nice , you find a HUNGARIAN picture , haha ,
  4. Good , Edmonton can't have the number one pick this year , because E have last year
  5. Can never , NEVER happen with W.D
  6. No, we lost two moor to 5:2 ,make sure nobody past as in the next 100 year
  7. Carlyle is the best option
  8. Yess ?????????????? I see that this year in Calgary ( bullcrap) ,sell, lose ,and go to the franchise defenceman and go after Stamkos ,we are in playoff talk right away next season. AND FINALLY HIRED A COACH AT LEAST ALLAN V ABILITY
  9. Oh please , Just 5 more wins (5 only) we are behind the LA kings at position 4 in the western conference !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My opinion was lot more lost is going on because W.D , ESPECIALLY GAMES ENDED IN OVERTIME . W.D must to give half of his income to Miller and Markstorm without this two we are dead last in the nhl
  10. Bad changes , to many man on the ice,lots of turn over's , no idea on 3-3 hockey,etc etc , this cost at least 10 point for the Canucks . Who is responsible for this ??????
  11. This 123 page statistic is very nice. And YES the Sedins are good players ,BUT, see ,BUT ONLY FOR THE REGULAR SEASON!! THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS NEVER CAN WIN A STANLEY CUP WITH THE SEDIN BROTHERS !! Period , that's it. Beginning on the season both shining , and coming the time when both disappears for 4, 5 game the going again. Play-off , different story , any team can make the Sedins cold like the ice . Yes the Sedins still our best players , but this is not good , is very bad
  12. may smarter like you
  13. The problem is ,the season over very soon , if this game in october , then no problem , but today??................ , the team know mini and calgary won , and now we know L.A won as well , so monday evening what position we have?? Number 9 maybe?? And playing 3 times against the Kings
  14. The playoff start with 16 team , in today NHL all the 16 team have chance to win the cup.Last year L.A coming back from 3 nothing,2011 Chicago coming back from 3 nothing to game 7 overtime.We have only THEORY , but we don't know until the end
  15. Mr Lack : Sooooooooooo the Buffalo Sabres moor desperate?? For what?????????????????? Common Eddie