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  1. In Topic: Alex Burrows...playing his worst hockey in 2 years 07 May 2010 - 08:10 AM wow i can't believe people are still defending this bum. if's he's hurt then he shouldn't be playing. he's useless on the pk and anywhere else. i watched him fall down 5 times on one shift. wake up clowns burrows is garbage. Do we really need this bum? lololololol. In Topic: Burrows? 23 January 2010 - 12:28 PM I still can't stand him and our overrated goalie In Topic: Burrows ? 30 October 2009 - 09:32 AM burrows should be handing out towels on the bench. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The OP has a huuuuge hate-on for my main man Burr. (some of his posts on Burr above) Even as recent as the beginning of last season he trash talked Burrows. Alex Burrows has been a great addition to the club. You guys know his story. Where he came from. How he got here. And now he plays in a top line role, scoring clutch and timely goals aaaaannnnddddd signed at a discount. I don't know what else Burr has to do to get the OP to change his beeotchy attitude towards Alexandre. Maybe the dude is upset cuz his old lady went clubbing with some of her other girlfriends one night. They ended up at a classy place and Burr happened to be there too. The rest is history! U can use ur own imaginations as to what may have happened. Personally, if she was indeed hot enough, Burr tapped dat donkey. Fo shizzle. No wonder the OP started this thread. Sheeeesh
  2. Hey cool. Looks like you got some good pics of the boys. The kids I gave the signs to sure got a kick out of it. I was up on the 2nd level and I could see them every time they held them up. Man I hope the guys find something to inspire them! We need a win...

  3. Hey I know this is random but i was at the game on wednesday and i saw your post and your sign and i was looking through pics of the pre game warm up and realized i caught your sign is the link