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  1. Blues Fan's have waited long enough..if they win I'll know there's hope for us too.
  2. Rough sequence for Binnington on that goal...tough break for the Blues.
  3. Petey is going to win, but very impressed with Binnington having watched so much more of him in the playoffs.
  4. Wow, so young, I didn't dig his style of journalism but I feel for his family and his colleagues. A tough loss for Hockey journalism in BC. We need more voices talking about our team rather than less.
  5. Wetcoaster was somewhat informative but did way too many repetitive cut and past posts. is @MaximAfinogenov still kicking around? EDIT; Nope last appearance 2016. I do miss @avelanch he and I kept the Cody Hodgson thread alive for a few good years lol.
  6. Damn that list brings me back lol