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  1. Well Knights vs Caps...whoda thunkit.
  2. Bolts have been totally outclassed in this game...
  3. If the bolts go out we're guaranteed a first time Franchise Stanley Cup which is exciting.
  4. Stamkos doing the Stamkos thing...
  5. So we talking about Mark Andre Fleury moving on? Think he has the season he had this year on the Pens? I don't think so.
  6. I'm a Pens supporter but I'm glad there's no chance for a 3-peat this year.
  7. Man I hope Marchand and his face-licking rat face get bounced today.
  8. Well it's officially the end of an era. The 2011 team, is all but gone. It's going to be amazing to watch Bo, Boeser, and the other up and comers make this team their own and usher in a new era of Canucks Hockey. All the best to Danny and Hank. I'll miss watching them play.
  9. [PGT] Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks

    3on3 is laughable for us, might as well just forfeit.
  10. He was recently fired by his KHL Club.
  11. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

    Brutal end to the OT...just abhorrent.
  12. [PGT] Philadelphia Flyers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Edler with a solid 6 minutes in penalties tonight.\ Really missing Bo.