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  1. I am baffled by this trade...
  2. "A disgusting trade, for a disgusting player" Am I doing it right?
  3. No, he would still be ineligible. Jake is going to feel like he's playing in slow motion after playing in the show.
  4. One can still be firmly on the Bandwagon and still take a pragmatist approach to this teams chances.
  5. Still marvelling at Higgins stick waving Zetterberg on the tying goal...pretending to play defense is not the same as playing defense.
  6. Don't worry guys we can still find a way to lose this one.
  7. Oh I still watch...but at this point I am expecting a loss.
  8. It's just our turn to be bad now. We've enjoyed years of excellent regular season teams. I'm ok with stockpiling great young hardworking talented character players to make us a good team again.
  9. Burn it down, time to start fresh.
  10. Nothing good about that.
  11. There we go.... Nothing Won for Chychrun