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  1. Any party that's been in power as long as the liberals have naturally becomes progressively more corrupt, so they're out of the question. I typically would vote for the NDP but I'm just not convinced they'll provide the change they claim or that I want to see. So I've decided I will likely go with the Greens for a couple of reasons. First, is to make a statement against the establishment parties that voting third party is a viable option as to hold them more accountable. Second, and I'm under no illusions that the Greens will actually form government, is just as a protest vote. As neither of the two parties that have a chance at forming government interest me, rather than not voting at all I've concluded it's better to participate in the electoral process than to not. Though I will say I think they have some interesting ideas and actually do represent a form of change from the status quo as opposed to the NDP. What actually has a chance of happening is they increase the number of seats they hold in the legislature from whatever it is they have now, which if say they grab a dozen seats, is I think the biggest statement we as the electorate can send to the Libs and NDP to get their $&!# together and hold them accountable.
  2. Caps in 6. I feel 6 is a bit gutsy, but also that Sid and the Pens have had so much success the past several seasons and we have yet to see Ovie and the Caps break out, which is bound to happen and only a matter of time. Might this be the year the Caps make the finals? (I think there's a good chance)
  3. Sens in 7. I can see the Sens having another storybook round (first round being the story of Erik Karlsson) where they take the Rangers to and top them in 7 games, though I wouldn't put it past the Rangers to take the series as well.
  4. Preds in 6. I see them making short work of the Blues (coupled with their sweep of the Blackhawks) and being well rested for the next round (which they have a good chance of winning) and having a chance to play for the cup. In sum, I can see them making it far.
  5. Ducks in 7. Can't conceive of the Ducks not coming out of this the winner.
  6. Oilers in 7. With the Sharks it's always of question of when they'll falter in the playoffs, hope the Oilers come out on top.
  7. Flames in 7. I can see the Ducks taking it, but hope Flames come out on top.
  8. Caps in 4. They'll take the leafs to school.
  9. Preds in 5. Gonna go out on a limb and say this is the one year the Hawks falter and Preds reach some semblance of their potential.
  10. Sens in 6. I just have a feeling the ride doesn't end in the first round for the Sens this year.
  11. Habs in 7. But don't see either of these teams making it far.
  12. Pens in 5. Columbus has been good this year and would've gone further otherwise but they got matched up with the Pens.
  13. Minny in 6. They're a good team this year and should advance.
  14. Logan - 8/10. Don't recall watching any X-men movie previously and was honestly a bit reluctant and ambivalent towards watching it but I'm glad I actually did. It was captivating enough from beginning to end that I don't think I looked at my watch to check the time once.
  15. The Peanuts Movie - 8/10. Absolutely beautiful animation, funny at times, charming story. Rogue One - 9/10. Loved the battle sequence at the end, and how menacing you-know-who was.