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  1. The Peanuts Movie - 8/10. Absolutely beautiful animation, funny at times, charming story. Rogue One - 9/10. Loved the battle sequence at the end, and how menacing you-know-who was.
  2. Love P.K. Subban, but I think I love Weber even more. If I had to go one way on this trade, I'd say the Canadiens won, at least in the short term.
  3. Finding Dory - 0/10? Don't really remember much from the first movie, but as a standalone movie you question why it was necessary for this character's backstory needing to be fleshed out, other than the obvious fact for a cash grab. It wasn't entertaining nor captivating and some parts were hastily written story wise that is uncharacteristic of a pixar movie, without going into specifics.
  4. Agree with the sentiment that Edmonton got fleeced. Out of all the good young stars you have on the Oilers: Hall, Eberle, RNH, McDavid, Yakupov, etc. Hall is one of the best RIGHT NOW, imagine how much better this kid is going to get in the future. Should've been someone like RNH, who is more expendable, or Yakupov, who just doesn't seem to have chemistry or a future in Edmonton, both attractive players with upside but trading Hall straight up for Larsson just doesn't seem right, no matter how much Chiarelli THINKS Larsson is going to be good.
  5. With his demeanor in answering all the speculation during the regular season I was adamant he was going to go to Toronto. It makes too much sense, he wants a cup, Toronto is on the upswing with Babcock, Lamorello, Shanahan, Anderson and Auston Matthews coming in, if he helps Toronto win a cup he'll be forever immortalized.
  6. Someone on TSN mentioned Las Vegas Knights. I like the sound of it, a nice play on words.
  7. Zootopia - 8/10. Great movie with lots of great lessons. Kung Fu Panda 3 - 7/10. Enjoyable movie even without having seen 1 or 2.
  8. This part exactly. The way they built up the story for Black Panther was great and great acting on the part of the actor really helped to buy into his character. And Spiderman, what can I say, they hit it out of the park having a younger and comedic spiderman which made him very endearing. This is also what stood out in stark contrast to Batman Vs. Superman, there were so many bad things about that movie but one of the bigger ones was the casting.......*cough.......*cough.....Lex Luthor.
  9. Captain America: Civil War - 9.5/10. So many different characters and the pacing of their introductions was excellent. The movie had a really strong comedic side to it, brought by Spiderman who was probably the funniest, Antman, and the chemistry between Bucky and Falcon. Two particular scenes of the movie stick out to me, one involving Antman, - those of you who watch it will know which, and a twist involving Iron Man and Bucky. Overall, a very enjoyable movie which I felt was just as good as the Winter Soilder which I feel is probably the strongest of the Marvel movies.
  10. The Departed - 7/10. Super intriguing premise - The mob has a mole inside law enforcement, law enforcement has a mole inside the mob, it's then a race to find out who the other mole is. But unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations, especially the ending. 21 - 6/10. Interesting premise again. Smart MIT student needs money to get into Harvard Med School and starts counting cards. but again fell flat and didn't live up to expectations. Memento - 10/10. Keeping with the theme of interesting premises - Man is incapable of having short term memories and has tattoos all over his body reminding him of what has happened. It is through these tattoos the plot unravels. I really enjoyed how good a job the movie did of keeping the audience in the dark until the very end; never quite seen a movie unravel backwards quite like this.
  11. You forget that we're in the situation we're in because of our inability to lose enough down the stretch in the season. So essentially we suck as winning and we suck at sucking.
  12. Lightning in 6. I doubted them in the first round but in a match-up against the Islanders the lightning should win.
  13. Blues in 7. The Blues defeated the toughest team they'll face this playoffs in the playoffs in the Blackhawks, and while the Stars have a good team, the Blues have the more complete team. My hunch is that it'll be a Blues/Caps finals.
  14. Caps in 7. Both incredibly good teams each on a tear but I think this is the year the Caps go very far.
  15. Sharks in 6. They're the better team and on the roll. That being said, I'm rooting for the Preds.