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  1. So salty. You sound like a blast to be around. I feel sorry for your family.
  2. Get this guy away from WD. Send him to Utica. Maybe we can still salvage what's left.
  3. Obviously too early to tell, but if there was a re-draft right now I would choose Nylander. At the time, I was on board with Virtanen. He still might turn out, but he sure isn't showing any signs that he can excel at the nhl level yet. I'm hoping for the best. But it kinda looks like we beefed it.
  4. If he wants to walk (which I doubt is the case yet), let him. Any player who feels entitled to play before earning it isn't a player we need or should want. However, I think the story is probably getting blown out of proportion. I'm sure it will all work out fine, but if it doesn't, I'm not really that concerned.
  5. This could be the worst game I've ever seen from him. But I'm not worried, it's actually kind of funny to watch.
  6. What's wrong with being small, unskilled and slow?
  7. I thought he was too, at the time. Not so much anymore
  8. Oh, awesome. I guess I'll hold off then.
  9. I'm tempted to buy this but don't want to waste my long weekend. Part of me also feels like it's better to wait so they can sort out any inevitable bugs for the console versions.
  10. Larson is lucky the ref was holding burrows back. Imagine the carnage.
  11. I can't get in board with tanking 3 games into the season. Give it a chance. Ask me when we're 40 games in. I'll gladly join team tank if our chances look bleak.
  12. It looks like the room my company puts the birthday cake in.
  13. Ah OK. My bad. I wasn't aware of it working on the standard ps4. I was comparing the ps4 pro cost + psvr, which would run about $1100. I'd rather buy a vive, then buy or a upgrade a pc for the extra money when comparing those 2 options. But if you've already got a ps4 and are just looking to a basic vr experience, you're right. That's a more feasible option for most.
  14. Ah that's what I figured. Was there any reason mentioned for the scratch?
  15. This is probably answered somewhere in the previous 38 pages, but where is virtanen? Scratched?