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  1. Based on his inability to get his arms into his sleeves, I have to seriously question his potential as an nhl calibre forward.
  2. Toronto fans get gifted an elite prospect but still manage to get pissy when people don't consider him a generational one. Who cares. Just be happy that you have an elite #1 center to lead your team for the next 10-15 years.
  3. Rattie = McDavid Boucher = Matthews You be the judge.
  4. Agreed. I was on team Virtanen pre-draft, but it sure isn't panning out the way we hoped it would that's for sure.
  5. White.. but with Virtanen looking like he could take over that spot in a few years. Hopefully not though, but given the draft spot and the players selected after him... it's not looking very promising.
  6. Missed the game.. saw some highlights on sportsnet. Looks like we lost and got pushed around and bullied all game.
  7. The only solution to addiction is prevention. If they can figure out a better way to dissuade people from getting addicted in the first place, they might be on to something. But easier said than done. People are going to do what they want and try what they want, all you can do is educate them and make sure they're equipped to handle to pressure of making those decisions prior to trying anything. The recent overlow of Fentanyl might actually help to discourage many people from getting into drugs in the fist place. For all the damage it's doing now, it might actually save some people's lives long term.
  8. Jesus. I just got home and turned the game on at 5-3. They didn't even let me finish my dinner before disappointing me.
  9. If the Sedins asked for a trade to a contender, I'd support it 100%. I don't even care what we get back. I would just be happy watching those guys lift the cup. They frigging deserve it.
  10. Sounds like a budding highschool romance.
  11. The current form JVR would be beneficial to us 3-4 years from now. What's the point of trading our most valuable trade chip for a guy who's in his prime now and is only under contract until the end of next season... when we're not ready to compete for at least 3-4?
  12. From the angles I've seen it looks like the primary point is the chest. That's what I see at least. But I do agree that if someone like Torres or Burrows made that hit they'd immediately be suspended indefinitely.
  13. Shorty and Garrett mentioned the Torres hit on Seabrook after this, and I feel that's a pretty good comparison. They mentioned that kind of hit is now allowed. Can anyone expand on what was wrong with it then and why that's acceptable now? I always felt that Torres hit was clean (although he still gets vilified over it), and from the looks of it this hit looks fairly clean too. I hope Larsen is OK.