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  1. Seems like the perfect scenario for bystanders to become heroes. Hopefully someone tried to intervene.
  2. Oneplus have been notoriously unreliable with terrible support, so I don't feel like that's a fair comparison. I've had apple products and Android products, and they've both developed quirks with age. My main gripe with apple was their constant desire to roll out new updates to old devices that can't support it. It rendered my iPad and iPod nearly useless. I'd rather my device break itself rather than have it broken by the company that makes it.
  3. Not with that attitude they won't.
  4. That's why the need more guns. At least two for every man woman and child.
  5. Not enough.
  6. We need to call whoever organizes parades and get this s***t started.
  7. I'm not even sure why people are upset over this. The fight itself would probably be incredibly underwhelming. Jones is at a different level to Cormier. I'm a big Cormier fan, and I'd love to see him win, but he just doesn't stand a chance.
  8. He's going to butter some bananas, that's for sure.
  9. Wake me up when Toronto and Edmonton become the next Pittsburgh and Chicago. Because everyone seems to imply we should follow their lead down the path to Stanley Cup glory. Until then they haven't accomplished anything beyond being league wide embarrassments. For every team like Chicago, Pittsburgh and LA, there are countless others who haven't won a cup in any reasonable amount of time. Which apparently makes them all utter failures as franchises.
  10. We dodged a bullet with this contract. It would have been fun watching him play for us for a few years though.
  11. I think there has to be some truth to this. I would have figured that Hall would be one of the last guys traded from that team. Aside from Mcdavid, he's really their only prospect to meet expectations. And if he was traded, I'd expect a sizeable return which this clearly wasn't. Either gm's recognize the spot Edmonton is in and are trying to exploit it... or the cost of a top 4 defenseman has suddenly gone through the roof.
  12. As much as I'd like to see Lucic in a canucks uniform, I think we dodge a term bullet in the long run here. Probably for the best.
  13. Please let kyprios be next.
  14. Despite hearing the same old same old about the oilers for so many years... I have to admit I'm finally a little concerned about poolparty and McDavid on the same line. If they ever manage to pull the trigger on unloading some assets for some decent defencemen, we might finally see a change from them. But until they show any signs of actually improving in the ice, they still suck.