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  1. There are so many different variables that could/would/should affect my decision in a life or death scenario. I'm a pretty selfless person so I feel as if I'd risk my life (not necessarily give my life) in a number of different scenarios to help someone else.
  2. I disagree completely.
  3. If what we saw was his all, then he is truly done in this league. The guy was abysmal. The best thing he did was spear a dude in the nuts.
  4. Do you really think his main goal was to look cool? The reason he recorded it could be one of many, but recording it was definitely not the reason for why he jumped . They're a different breed of person than you and I. It's no different than mountain climbing or sky diving. People do it to push their limits. They do it for the experience and the adrenaline. People don't smoke and fuel up for those same reasons. That's such a ridiculous comparison.
  5. Gimmicks like that make me wonder why so many people even use Realtors in Vancouver. With supply low and demand ridiculously high, it shouldn't take much to move an appropriately priced house. Doing it privately with a lawyer seems significantly cheaper.
  6. Ah. I didn't know that. That makes it interesting then.
  7. A tough call? Really? I think we're in a great spot compared to a lot of other teams. I'd be shocked if any of those guys, aside from baertchi, actually garner any serious interest. Vegas will have much better options than these guys.
  8. Seems like the perfect scenario for bystanders to become heroes. Hopefully someone tried to intervene.
  9. Oneplus have been notoriously unreliable with terrible support, so I don't feel like that's a fair comparison. I've had apple products and Android products, and they've both developed quirks with age. My main gripe with apple was their constant desire to roll out new updates to old devices that can't support it. It rendered my iPad and iPod nearly useless. I'd rather my device break itself rather than have it broken by the company that makes it.
  10. Not with that attitude they won't.
  11. That's why the need more guns. At least two for every man woman and child.
  12. Not enough.
  13. We need to call whoever organizes parades and get this s***t started.
  14. I'm not even sure why people are upset over this. The fight itself would probably be incredibly underwhelming. Jones is at a different level to Cormier. I'm a big Cormier fan, and I'd love to see him win, but he just doesn't stand a chance.