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  1. I'm betting we get Lazar but end up giving a 2nd or 3rd in addition to Burrows. Classic Benning washed up prospect garbage trade.
  2. Fair assessment. His tenure has been mostly mediocre with a dash of bad and a sprinkle of decent.
  3. Agreed. His value is probably at an all time high.
  4. Sarcasm? I love his defensive play but it's becoming much more apparent these days that he's not capable of very much more.
  5. Tanev wanting no part of any scrum. Just skates on by or goes to the bench. Dude is soft as hell.
  6. I'd be disappointed if they didn't try to speak with him. Coaches like that don't come along very often. Given the choice, nobody would hire Willy over Julien. Not if you're serious about improving your club.
  7. You're a smarter man than me. I bought at around 2.50 and sold at 3.40. Then it just skyrocketed which made me weary to re buy. This is one that will haunt me for years to come.
  8. I'm guessing that we do nothing or Benning makes some moves that people are woefully unimpressed with.
  9. trade everybody
  10. Game 7 in 2011. I literally had to leave my house with 5 minutes left. I went and sat alone at the lake for 20 minutes trying to come to grips with the rush of emotions that I had. My wife was pissed and had no idea where I went since I left so abruptly haha. I didn't go on to Facebook or cdc for a couple of weeks after that.
  11. I think everyone will be happy with Juolevi in like 3-5 years. Until then we'll just have to complain about the flashy forwards that we missed out on.
  12. Markstrom is a little low... but other than that the rest of it is pretty spot on.
  13. I'm not sure who was higher on cocaine... that guy or the person who cut his hair.