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  1. Calgary's just a better team.
  2. How about no
  3. &^@# this game. they're getting manhandled.
  4. Dorsett you dumbass
  5. water's wet
  6. 3-0 Rangers
  7. Oh no, we suck again!
  8. This team is gonna suck for years to come. It's time to move on from Kesler and get some future assets.
  9. How is this supposed to be a positive for us? They're irrelevant now.
  10. What a pile of garbage this roster is.
  11. OMG, same looking jerseys.
  12. Worst team in the league right now.
  13. Being positive and being a blind homer are two different things. What positives does this team even have?
  14. Team's done. Start over.