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  1. Marchand Told by NHL to Stop Licking Players

    He is making intimate contact without consent. It’s sexual assault. Go ahead and trying licking someone on sky train and see if the police simply ignore it. Since Marchand is refusing to stop - the nhl needs to suspend him indeffentatly. His actions are disgracing the nhl and his team. His actions are not in the normal realm of the sport .... heck even the wwf. If Avery is looking he should sue Bettman - if verbal gets you suspended - physical should get you signicantly longer suspensions
  2. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    On the plus side with Buffalo getting first overall - that pick should be available from trade or UFA with a few years lol
  3. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    I never suggested draft success was measured by when they play in the NHL - I did suggest that the current young stars are a player or 2 short in my opinion from being a complete team force. With the cap space we have it would be prudent to look beyond JUST drafting as a means of filling out missing pieces. I know they are always kicking the tires on any possible trades or UFA - I am suggesting that they should be ALL in for a couple of them - it would round out the team and allow the new kids to come in and focus on playing instead of having the pressure of being saviors
  4. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    I've watched some - others not so much. My comments are in reflection that in my opinion we need 1 or 2 players ( in addition to those in the canucks system ) - stepping into NHL playing roles next season. The player or players need to be impact players on the team so as to not place the pressure on the new kids to be ones to carry the entire team on their shoulders next year. There will always be gems picked in late rounds that surprise everyone and make their teams in play an impact role right out of the gate ( could happen to us .... wouldn't that be nice lol ). No my comments are of an opinion that I feel we have gone as far as we can for this group via the draft alone. It's time to look at adding a player or 2 that is NHL ready now. Be it going all in on one of several under 30 upcoming UFA's or via trade - a piece or 2 added now in addition to those expected to play over the next 2 seasons - will position us to compete again for a play off spot. The focus has been on rebuilding via the draft and given that the roll of the dice has more impact that on the position you finish ... its time to for them to look at a trade or UFA of meaning value to compliment what we have. We need to look at the young stars we have in the system and manage those assets to ensure we have all team needs met and not just well stocked at a few positions. And bo and brock are excellent picks that will be foundations of the team for a generation - but to help them we need to bolster some - not all - of what we have now. If our draft picks are prospects for a few years down the road we need to consider adding support via other means. That's my only pitch - to look at adding 1 or 2 impact players by means other than draft picks. Gives more time to some players needing longer to develop and takes the pressure off the new kids to be saviors. Given our new found cap space it would be the time to be players in the elite UFA market this off season.
  5. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Yes the player the canucks pick at 7 will be a decent player - but they won't be in the NHL for a few years ... meaning that asset won't be a factor for the next few seasons. The canucks need to add a player of 2 of impact for next season through UFA or a trade. I want our young stars to have good support so that the pressure isn't on them to carry the whole team from game 1. I wish the sedins would have held off a bit and given that we drafted low enough that we won't see that pick play for a few years - We could have actually used the Sedins for another year to help the young kids one more year. There are a few UFA's that could also fill that need ( Cough Tavares ). We are drafting great key pieces - but not drafting high enough to grab NHL ready players is a problem. Our recent UFA signings have been poor - and our trades keep the young stars bank well stocked - but we need 1 or 2 impact players now - not in 2 t 3 years.
  6. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    The problem is with the Edmonton rule and not that its fixed. To prevent continual tanking for first overall they needed to change the rules. The unintended impact is that teams that are not tanking are getting punished in the draft order, and their future is determined solely by the roll of the dice. For the worst team on average the past 3 years to fall in the draft order each year - means its not possible to rebuild via draft. Not one of our draft picks have been NHL ready - thus not immediate help. The continued pattern of 2 to 3 years after draft keeps the team low in the standings and in fact could be devastating long term. As players like Brock enter the NHL and play on a team in perpetual rebuild - do they stay or move on as fast as they can when they hit 27 and get to test UFA. With the impact of our draft picks in terms of 2 to 3 years after being drafted - the Canucks MUST start looking to UFA to add to the teams rebuild. This isn't doom and gloom for the canucks and nor is it conspiracy theories. Its just plan facts. We have a great nucleus of young stars that will develop into stars over the next decade. If the team wants to move past the "just better than the worst" and move back into the playoffs - they need to add missing pieces via free agency and not rely solely on drafting. Maybe this is the year the canucks need to trade the pick - either moving some pieces in order to get first overall - or trade this first round pick for a younger impact player now. In any event I hope that after today fans and the team stop waiting and expecting the team to rebuild solely via the draft. Our young stars need some good supporting cast to help them and its time to use free agency and the trade route to provide those missing pieces.
  7. It is time the tax payer says ENOUGH of the right wing nonsense. Every single job that is held by someone NOT still in high school, and is paid below $15 bucks per hour , IS subsidized by the tax payer. Those employees don't earn enough to pay taxes - and they qualify for maximum government subsidies such as GST rebates etc. Years ago businesses use to pay a fair share of taxes so could use the argument that their business taxes paid for it so it was a wash. Now with businesses paying the lowest tax rates in our history - it is you and I paying nearly the entire bill. We should legislate that all businesses paying adults less than $15 per hour must include on the receipt how much annually tax payers are topping up their wages. Imagine at a tims seeing that a couple hundred grand a year of your taxes was used to keep that owners profit margins. Businuess tax cuts were given in part to address this and business pocketed the money - OUR money. I feel that all business tax cuts should be reversed completely. Those that pay atleast 15 per hour can have the cuts back - those that don't wont. Tax cuts need to benefit the tax payer and not just profit margins. Lets call it what it is - Business has had free run for 3 decades - and has controlled legislation across north America. The result is lower unionization - wages that have not kept up and credit debt is the highest in our history at the same time that corporate profits are also the highest in our history ( the 2 go hand in hand ). Any company that can not or will not pay adult workers enough to eat and have some kind of indoor shelter should not be in business. Tax dollars are not meant to be profit protection for companies and its time voters started holding politicians to account for selling out to business and doing nothing to protect working families and individuals. I would love to be able to tell people not working to simply get a job - but we made it illegal for them to set up tents in the city and working waqes are too low to pay rent and eat. Yes minimum is suppose to be a entry job wage - but it still needs to be enough to provide basic human needs. It's time voters stopped looking to others and look at themselves - Its not that they will make too much - its that you as well make too little. I am not against capitalism and business profits - I am against corporate socialism that has transferred their costs to the tax payers and left working for a large number a dire poverty situation ... work should lift you out of poverty not keep you in it. Labor laws are completely unbalanced and what is going to happen when interest rates go up again? New record credit debt. No business tax cuts without strings attached to ensure we are not left with the bill to pay their employees what in a sense is top up. For the record I am fine with everything going up in price to cover their cost - then without increasing taxes we would have enough to fund things we need like health education etc. What I am opposed to is the primary use of tax cuts as a profit padding situation.
  8. So they can walk free back home? Jail them here ..... let the prisoners sort them out. I'm ok with my tax dollars protecting children even if it's from another country. I want those back from their countries to know we jail those monsters and if they survive their jail term them get deported after. We will serve justice ... not just send them home.
  9. It goes without saying that child pornography is repulsive and against our values .... there is a special place in hell for those involved. Let's look at what is working. Our screening system Works!!!!! They caught 4 of them that the USA didn't. A huge thank you to our border agents who are attentive at their job and caught them. This helps to ease concerns as those in charge of screening are doing their job to protect us. I want those 4 jailed here .... if we simply deport them they may not face justice back home. I am more then happy to see my tax dollars jail these individuals. So instead of complaining .... appauld those keeping us safer and the US could learn from.our custom officers screening
  10. Provincial Election Thread

    If an election was held in Saskatchewan Brad Wall would be expected to win - but not guaranteed. Right wing politicians are simply not getting the message that voters are growing tired of austerity and being told to do their part in these "tough economic times " while at the same time we see record corporate profits. The newly unit Right Wing in Alberta is already motioning to move the province further to the right then ever before.They are banking on enough highly paid oil workers and business owners to vote for them. If oil continues its trend at under $50 a barrel they have far more workers in lower paid jobs then the upper pay grid. Don't bet on folks to vote for a party who is declaring things like the minimum wage will be rolled back.... alot of Alberta families will survive this down turn in oil because of a livable minimum wage. The longer that oil stays down, the more people are starting to question were all those royalties went. The louder the anti NDP folks scream the more the fools they have been making themselves. I would not be surprised to see Rachael get one more term. Especially since Alberta has been leading Canada recently in job growth.
  11. A lot will depend on what dirt gets dug up over the next few months. If it sticks it will be the liberal brand that is unelectable and they will need to move.to yet another party. Bc conservative or bc socreds...or follow saskatchewan and create the BC Party.
  12. Provincial Election Thread

    This is the problem with politics. Had Romanow ran a deficit to invest in the province - the right wing would call him a reckless spender, a dipper, anti business etc. Had Romanow balanced the budget he would be accused of not investing in the province and being anti business. Either way he gets ridiculed. In my opinion the problem Canada wide is the lowering of business taxes. Government needs that tax revenue so they transfer business's share to consumers/workers. It results in hand cuffing any future government and keeps us in this loop of "can't win". Canadian corporations have had record profits this past decade. The tax cuts where to stimulate job growth, company investment and increased wages. We saw little of any benefits from those tax cuts. Harper himself called out companies for hoarding cash from tax cuts - Capitalism has failed. Under capitalism everyone would have the same rights.... workers and owners. So back to Roy Romanow. - When Brad Wall balances the budget he gets hailed as a hero. When they NDP does they get ridiculed. Romanow had his hands tied when he took office. Saskatchewan was deeply in debt and any move to reduce business tax cuts would be political suicide. Unfortunately that's the mess alot of north America is in - and it all started with business tax cuts that completely unbalanced our tax fairness. I personally agree with business tax cuts, with strings attached. Tax cuts should be dependent on investment, training, job growth, wage increases. What BC did was give the tax cuts based on hopes and prayers that businesses would use the tax cut savings as intended. We all know most hoarded the savings. I would rather see mom and pops who are actually hiring - growing - inventing in employees and paying a living wage..... get major corporations share of the tax cuts. After all those tax cuts is our money - from our hard work and pay. It is being used as a form of corporate welfare/socialism. Yet if any party ever tried to eliminate tax cuts for companies not using it as intended - people would explode ( just look at Alberta ). I say eliminate all tax cuts given to business - all of it. Then based on growing jobs, investing in their operations in BC, increasing wages etc ..... let them deduct it at tax time. Could you imagine if we gave Tax cuts to every citizen based on them maxing RRSP's every year ... with no conditions they actual do? That's what business tax cuts have amounted to and are the bands binding the hands of any government who wants to make things better or fairer - in my opinion.
  13. Christy Clark to resign as BC Liberal Leader

    I, as well as many retired Military I know - voted NDP. I served so that even people like you can have freedom. I did not give you a rep. So do tell, what am I then? The notion that those who agree with you are successful, and others are "you know" is views of extremists that we can do without. I hope your young enough to outgrow your messed up views. There are many on this forum that are able to disagree, venomously at times, without resulting to this level. We get it - you support the right wing politically ( with AT&T I'm not sure if your roaming or living in the US ). Sell us on the good of that political side instead of making up stories about what will happen with anyone but your party is ruling - then we can have a debate on the issue vs extreme ideological views.
  14. Christy Clark to resign as BC Liberal Leader

    Lazy left? You lost all credibility at that point. There Are many, many hard working people who vote NDP. Your assumptions are ludicrous.
  15. Christy Clark to resign as BC Liberal Leader

    BC leads the country in household debt. That means a lot of folks are living in credit cards. The stats showing us leading the country oddly enough don't consider the credit debt. Wages have not kept up to the cost of living in bc and the BC liberals were a huge part of that through legislation and how they did business. If credit card rates soar we are trouble. Easy cheap credit funded her stats and those debt loads have squashed most of the middle class. From anti union pro business legislation to the support of temp foreign workers the BC liberals have helped keep bc wages low.