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  1. We can speculate all we want - until Gretzky himself says that he was going to sign with us - its all speculation. The last few years we have seen other stars ( of much less caliber ) make speculation statements about Vancouver only to sign elsewhere. Have folks not gotten it that players often make comments to assist in driving up their price were they wanted to land? Every reason why he moved ( including a bad Canadian Dollar ) still existed 20 years ago. And lastly even if it is true ..... He didn't sign - at 35 and with his wealth I am sure going out with a cup meant more to him than money. If he wanted to be a Canuck he would have - even if it meant slapping someone for a demanding phone call first. Someone like Gretzky would not throw a tantrum over a phone call - as such I tend to believe the Canucks were not as close as people think to signing him back then. Garth Brooks said it best ... sometimes gods greatest gift is unanswered prayers.
  2. There is zero excuse or justification for this - it serves only to lessen the community support for the BLM movement. Sadly this was predictable and in my opinion could have been lessened with proper responses over the past few days to the death of the 2 black men shot and killed. Leadership begins at the top - full stop. In both cases the officers involved should have been placed in protective custody until the initial investigation. To have them free given the video's of the incidents is the genesis of this. Secondly the command of both police departments should have been public about ensuring that if the evidence directs that it was murder that it would be treated as such - if it isn't it would be only after a thorough and transparent investigation. And lastly the seeds for civil war exists in parts of the US - Poverty, the feeling of suppression and loss of hope. My comments are not in support of tonight's horrific actions, rather a bad feeling that this is going to get worse before it gets better. When 99.99% of cops are upstanding citizens doing a hell of a job I hope that people remember that a couple of bad cops did bad things - just like a few radical people tonight did some very horrible things .... Don't form bias on an entire race or force based on the terrible actions of a few. I hope they bring this to a peaceful end without any further injuries or death.
  3. The man chased the teen ( empty handed ) off his property and down the street and then attacked him with a baseball bat. The home owner is a cold blooded - not someone defending his property. If the teen dies this demands the maximum 25 years for second degree murder. The second the person leaves your property - you have no legal right to attack - the second they drop your property and run ... you have lost any legal protection of self defense. I get it the homeowner was at his wits end because of previous property theft - but chasing someone empty handed off property to attack them with a bat is criminal. Your not defending yourself and nor or you taking a criminal down ( if they are empty handed ). I don't know that teen - or this homeowner. What I do know is the homeowner would have had my support if he caught the teen in the act and needed to defend himself. If he used the bat on an arm to get the teen to drop a stolen item while on his property I could have supported that. This though? Not a chance and I hope that homeowner gets the full 25 years if this teen does not recover and passes away. We don't know if the teen had a history of theft or if the news story is to be believed the teen was coming home from a party - and could have equally been nothing to do with theft. What we do know is that 2 families lives are now over as they know it - forever.... all because the homeowner decided to chase down someone off his property and use a weapon to assault them as they ran ... empty handed
  4. My guess is the canucks will draft between 8th and 10th. It was unlikely anyone outside of the first 3 picks would be a game changer in their first season. The team you see now is basically what you will see for the next few years as they mature. I suspect next year they will challenge for a wild card spot. My hope is that given that we are going for improving youth vs tanking for a franchise player is that in the off season we target a few good Vets to continue to help the good young grew we have. One or 2 good free agent signings could boost us back into the middle of the pack. Without that we are only a slightly better version of the Oilers. On the plus side it is good to see the kids getting fed up at losing and playing with more spirit the last few games.
  5. I cancelled that tabloid rag about 10 years ago when they told people there was no reason to vote NDP because they would be the official opposition. In my view it ceased to be a news source I would consider as unbiased. And to offset what I assume was lost subscriptions the cost kept jumping. The irony of the editorial writings in that paper demanding that people accept that in tough economic times we all must do our part and not ask for raises we can't afford....... and then jacking the price of their product constantly ... Well I am not funding the BC Liberal party newsletter lol
  6. Harperites ( or Cdippers as they are the real tax and spenders ) lost any credibility after the level of debt they left behind. So claiming to be afraid of fat Tom when it was the right wing who has devastated this country , shows they have no shame. Although crediting Harper as the reason for Moscow pulling out of the Ukraine shows that some folks simply have not gotten the message yet - Canada and 2/3 of Canadians don't buy the ideological message of hate the Cdippers under Harper are still spreading Conservative Dippers - the true tax and spend folks
  7. So instead of a surplus we have at least a 3 Billion dollar deficit. Read back over the posters here that supported Harper and supported the Tories economic policies. Shame is the only word that seems to fit - for all Tory supporters. For all the fear mongering that the right wing has done Canada wide - its time we tell them to zip it every time they open their mouths to spew their propaganda. Our families and children , will pay for generations for the debt left by Harper and his Tories. BC will face a very similar fate when the Tories ( called Liberals ) leave office here. We need to change our laws so that we can go after these politicians and clean there bank accounts out just like they have done to our collective bank account. At-least some of us can say they never bought into the ideology and although we have to live with the debt - we didn't help support it. Remember that Harper sold off crown assets to lessen this - had he been denied that ability this debt would have been much - much greater http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/morneau-fiscal-update-1.3327571
  8. I wish we had the means to criminally charge every tory that served under Harper. Have a read http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/parliamentary-budget-officer-trudeau-plans-1.3312757 The deficit is much deeper then the public was told - and the tory finance critic had the gaul to slam the Liberals for the deficit being deeper - all this in 7 days of taking office. http://thinkpol.ca/2015/11/12/harper-cabinet-minister-slams-liberals-for-inherited-deficit/ Good riddance to Harper and every single one of his supporters - thanks for tanking the economy
  9. Although I would like to have seen us elect something other than the same 2 parties ( white cats vs black cats ) - I will take it as Harper is gone. With a clear vote against Harper maybe we can now move beyond the cancer that the far right wing in this country has become. In time history will not reflect any kinder on this rule - in fact I believe it will be considered a very dark chapter in our history. The election is over and more people in decades voted which is a good thing. Maybe that will be Harper legacy - that people really don't miss something till its gone - and Harper took away enough things to wake up a nation. Lets see if BC Liberals will move back to the center like real Liberals or continue their Conservative ideology while flying the liberal colors. Odd as it is - provincially the Liberals are Harper conservatives and our NDP provincially are closest to federal Liberals. Odd that a big undoing of the federal NDP was their continuation of austerity measures to ensure a balanced budget. After nearly a decade of poverty by a thousand cuts the middle class and youth showed up at the polls. This will make the upcoming BC election one to remember for sure.
  10. Not voting or spoiling your ballet is voting. Your voting to support whom ever the majority of people voted for. Last election every spoiled ballet or person refusing to vote actually supported Harper. We live in a first past the post system so your point in spoiling a ballet has no merit. When we start electing based on perportional representation based on votes cast - then spoiling a ballot won't count towards the winning side. Personally I think voting should be mandatory - don't vote - get fined
  11. At least one candidate was ready - ready to go pee that is http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/jerry-bance-marketplace-1.3217797
  12. The same can be said for the rich - they are provided tax havens and shelters that most workers can not afford - same principal. Forgotten in this arguement is the average Canadian worker - family that makes an OK wage but isn't rich enough for things like TFSA's or benefit from income splitting. We actually make up the majority of this country and its voters. Its time we start asking these parties what they will do for us? Harper has said we are free to cover the costs for those he likes - now I want to hear what the other 2 parties have to say
  13. And to pay for your tax write offs others have to work till 67 now. Im happy for you that your investments will provide for you and your family. However it is also true that part of that was clawed from the pockets of people not well enough off for TFSA's or income splitting. Your boy Harpsy only looks after people like you and that segment of our country. The rest of us hard working folk want someone to consider us as well -
  14. Ok atleast your starting to base your opinion of the NDP on a specific act. I didn't see the announcement on the gondola - could you link it? Just kidding - it much like the fear comments are based on opinion and not fact. There is no way to prove that Harper didn't cause/add to this recession either. All we have to go on is his record. 8 straight deficits with flat wages and rising costs is enough for this hard working Joe to say it's time to see what the other have to offer because I simply can not think of one single thing that Harper has done that I have benefited from We are going to simply have to agree to disagree it seems - with that its time for zzzzzzzzz
  15. And when you get higher tax shelters - semone has to pay an extra share to keep those things going. And you are not responsible on your own for our highways. Thousands of workers share that kudos for all that hard work. Much like this tax issue you seem to think its all about you. Your entitled to your life and freedoms - as are others. I have never collected welfare of EI in my life. I have always worked full time and don't use drugs. So would have no way of comparing your example. I do however see an imbalance when at the end of the year I pay about 38% in taxes and I see people earning much more paying less of a % - that to me is imbalanced. How about this - open up income splitting to anyone - even single parents. And make it the FIRST 50 K not the last 50K that the second person pays the taxes on. That would be much fairer