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  1. The BC Liberals need to go. We lead the country in part time low wage job creation and house hold debt. If interest rates go up a couple of points this province will be in serious trouble. All they have left is fear mongering about the NDP. I don't care how many part time jobs the create - if you need 4 of them to just survive we are not thriving, we are simply surviving. Look at the new homeowners assistance - deferring a portion of your mortgage for 5 years? Yah like cheaper and more credit is not going to cause more problems. Only those that don't need the help will actually benefit from it. People need paycheques that are big enough to cover their cost of living and leave enough to save up for a house .... cheaper credit is NO solution. No wonder Trump had said he would run as a republican. Right wing voters have poor memories and lack any concept in reality. Did they deliver on the promises of last election? Not even close. Who has run up our debt more ? NDP or Liberals? Who has lead over the move to part time low paid jobs - NDP or Liberals? In both cases its the BC Liberals. Yet the koolaid drinking right wing keep spewing the same lines calling the NDP the taxers ( dippers ) and crying that kittens will die, and the world will end if you vote for another party. The reality is we all are paying a huge cost in lower wages - lower benefits - higher user fees under the BC Liberals. I for one am tired of the BC Liberals and their supporters Dipping into my pockets over and over and over to fund their business partnership party. If after 15 years in power they need to run attack adds instead of promoting their actions .... its pretty clear they are DONE. Bragging up job stats was the final nail in that coffin .... The jobs we are loosing were family supporting - the new jobs ( at greater numbers than jobs lost ) are low wage part time jobs that do NOT support families. We cant keep upping credit access and calling it a great economy. With the stock markets soaring it wont be long till interest rates start climbing.... The BC Liberals are well past their best before date and they need to go.
  2. I like the guy as well ..... but we will NOT get a first for him. It would take Hansen + to get a first
  3. Just kept thinking that I thought the Walking Dead was Sunday night not tonight while watching the game. Anyhow wrong time to fire the coach in my opinion. "IF" and that is a big if - they do make a change they should do it right after the last game of the year. Worst thing that could happen is breath some life into this group and end up with a later draft pick. Coaching is only part of the problem. Changing coaches at this point would be to push for the playoffs, and with this season all but tanked I would rather see us continue to play younger players and continue their development .....
  4. They just showed the ultra zoom in replay and it was clear that it was in.
  5. Someone needs to tell Trump that the alternate news is soo 2003 .... He simply can't top comedy Ali
  6. I disagree with that. I do agree that Manning should have been moved to a female prison to recognize her transgender change. However - commuting the sentence sends the wrong message to those wanting to violate confidentiality and national security for their own personal agenda's. If the sentence was reduced to a maximum of 5 years compulsory time served I could have supported the lessening of the time but not the outright commuting of the sentence. And yes this now puts wikileaks in a really bad situation - do they turn over Julian Assange as promised with this move or do they renege?
  7. Wow that shortens this thread lol .... Yah Pence was a preferred candidate of many republicans but they knew he could never have gotten tagged as the GOP candidate for the race. He may be more dangerous than trump as he can keep his head about him - something Trumps temper fails to keep him out of trouble with. I laugh with each threat of "big border tax". Long after Trump has left office the courts will rule on that free trade infringement and the poor tax payers of the US will pay a huge price. Renegotiating agreements is one thing - unilaterally imposing tariffs is a whole new ballgame. In order for the US to be able to export anything they need to have their dollar drop .... its over inflated and makes the purchase of anything made in the US - outside of the US - too costly.
  8. Hopefully the US courts will reign him in sooner vs later. Alot of what he says will in fact be challenged in court if he ever acts on it. Their are republicans waiting for the first thing that will stick in an impeachment process to dump Trump for Pence. I'm betting he will be gone within 18 months.
  9. You are slithering to a new low. I never mentioned Nazis in any of my posts regarding the BC Liberals. Your comments are a new low and accurately reflect the hate and fear mongering of some BC Liberal supporters, Your ignorance of the atrocities committed by the Nazis, and using that that in your NDP stance shows a frighting level of hate, and or ignorance . But thank you for clarifying you have nothing, zip , nada , zilch to offer in debate.
  10. You have allowed yourself to be played like a cheap fiddle I'm afraid https://thetyee.ca/Blogs/TheHook/BC-Politics/2010/12/10/PopulationClark/ Now ignore the opinion parts as it is a left leaning article - however the stats portion clearly debunks the propaganda you have been provided with the intent that you keep repeating it over and over in their hope that people will believe it as fact. I can understand the right wing supporters that support policies of the BC Liberals and use those points to defend supporting them over the NDP. I can understand those that say the NDP has polices that they simply can not support no matter what the consequences of another party will be. Those people right or wrong stand on conviction. Don't beat yourself up over being played by them - That is how propaganda works - it depends on its very survival on not being challenged - and being repeated as often as possible. Don't get me wrong - The NDP made many - many mistakes in the 1990's. There are people I know and work with that support the BC Liberals and stick to arguments around that parties polices.... in fact being extreme right wing supporters I don't ever recall hearing them insult the NDP or any other party .... They argue how the Liberals policies have made them more money etc. But this rehotric regarding the NDP is just propaganda being driven by a party, that after 16 years should not even mention any other party .... they should be able to up sell themselves based on their record. This isn't an attack on you as a poster or another die hard right wing supporter. It's a call to end the uneducated continuance of the right wing ideology that is blinding you and other right wing supporters from demanding your own party start doing things that will help us vs 16 years later the best the can come up with is fear mongering. Atleast the NDP deserve credit for owning their past record and fighting to change it under the same banner. The right wing simply changed party names and continued. If by your logic we can never elect the NDP because of the 90's then the BC Liberals who really were the BC Socred party should also never be elected ..... Any part in power a full generation who needs their supporters to attack a previous generations government clearly has nothing to offer voters.
  11. Thanks for the laugh. I get it now why Trump said if he was to run as president - it would be as a Republican. Seriously the Liberals have been in power for 16 years - if you can't rely on the good deeds of the Liberals as a reason to vote for them vs the NDP - You should evaluate just how bad you have bought into the ideology of the extreme right wing here in BC. The 2 supreme court losses we have to pay for are greater than the fast cat losses .... the jobs created by this regime are low wage part time work mostly. Those jobs all depend on top up from the middle class tax payers ( since business hardly pays any now its mainly just us paying taxes now ). So speak for yourself - I would rather save some money with an NDP government instead of being picked clean by user fees - service cuts and stagnate wages of the BC Liberal party. Even the Liberals don't claim the NDP left a deficit as the audited return on transition confirmed a surplus. And lastly its time to give the rhetoric a rest and ask any politician running what are they going to do to increase wages and workers conditions in BC. The current 16 years has not worked - its time to give someone.... anyone ... a chance to do something different. If we keep labeling the NDP of today as the NDP of the 90's then why is anyone voting for the BC Libsocred party that was cleaned out in disgrace? Every BC Liberal supporter needs to ask themselves if after 16 years all you have is to insult the NDP --- it kinda means you have zero to stand on in defense of those comments. I am not suggesting the NDP have it right with all of their policies but after 16 years are workers better off - the same - or worse off then when the BC Liberals took office. The answer is the majority are the same or worse off. BC Household debt is the highest in the country. We are near the top for loss of good full time jobs and at the top for creation of low wage part time jobs. We are second from the top for child poverty. Interest rates go up a few points and we as a province are in a TON of trouble. Look at the latest mortgage helper - Deferring up to 1/2 the down payment for 5 years then having young families paying 2 mortgages. Bigger and cheaper credit is NOT the answer yet its all the BC Liberals seem to be able to come up with. The BC NDP could not do any worse - its time to give them a shot or clean house of your party of choice because they have had 16 years and many BC Families are not better off - Yet we have corporate profit records........ The whole thing fails the sniff test.
  12. I am no fan of Trudeau but is it such a slow news month that folks have to create garbage out of facts? The guys comments are factual no matter what you think of him. Any PM from any party could have said it and it would be equally factual. He could have reworded that someday oil will go the way of the VHS and when that time comes all oil development will be phased out but until that day is upon us we will do it responsible etc. It's like no crap - when the need for oil dives due to other enegery sources things like the oil sands will be phased out. Are folks really suggesting that when that day comes we should still go full out in the oil sands even without a market for oil lol ? Anything for the right wing to pound their chests i suppose
  13. Thats a matter of perspective. Depending on a persons moral values I suppose. I would support a person who used email servers against the law over someone who grabs womens crotches and defends it. I can not support that behavior so I can not support Trump ... To me I perceive his supporters bringing out the worst in humanity. Niether should have been in the election but the lessor of 2 evils was Hillary. Wish it would have been Bernie ..... maybe in 2020.
  14. I saw BC liberal tweet that If I was a liberal member - I would tear up my card over. Like him or not John Horgan makes the following statement "I believe that those in the interior don’t have the same perspective that those of us on the coast. That’s a challenge for not just me as a leader of the New Democratic Party, not just for anyone involved in the political process. This is not a partisan question. It’s a BC challenge " Now this comment would be the same as canucks fans after a loss to the flames saying " I beleive that flames fans won't feel the loss the same as Canucks fans". Both are factual statements. Those living were the pipeline unloads and arguably the greatest risk of any leak will have a different view than those don't live near the pipeline. Nothing dirty, nothing insulting in that statement - its a fact. So what do we see the Liberals crying about - On their website they cry that Horgan says interior residents lack perspective and calling on Horgan to issue an apology. Just when I thought the BC liberal party couldn't possibly sink lower. In fact it should be Cristy apologizing for her party all but calling BC Coastal citizens views irrelevant to their party. True to the BC liberals the only opinions allowed are the ones they tell you to support. The sooner they are gone the better.
  15. Then on the pipeline the truest fact came from the NDP - they said there would be little or nothing anyone could do to reverse the pipeline deal now that the Feds have given its approval. As in my previous post the devil is in the details. I want to see the fine print on liability while the pipe line is being constructed - while operating and even financial guarantees for the removal and clean up when its no longer used, or the company goes bankrupt. Telling us that the conditions have been met mean zip. What if we have a standing rock type situation over the pipeline? Do we the tax payers foot that bill? I would hope that any enforcement costs of the pipeline are federally covered 100%. Also in case of spills the compensation and clean up costs must be pre laid out in very clear detail. I do not want to see a spill and once its cleaned up Kinder closing the bank leaving fishermen - tourism operators - workers left out in the cold and having to use the courts to seek compensation. BC Liberals announcement is lacking all the fine print detail focused folks like me need to decide if this is acceptable or not.