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  1. Grant Devine brought in royality vacations for just under 2 years in 85 for new wells , and for the same period a 30% tax break on older wells royalties. This also cost the province over 50 million. The currentl oil boom is nearly entirely due to bakken oil formation. Yes there is oil development all over the province but the majority of oil being exploited now is in that area. The Grant Devine tax payer funded gifts to oil had ended before the exploration began. If you feel the need to credit Grant Devine then you would have to have given the ndp most of the credit as they were in power when the Bakken began.
  2. I have a horrible feeling we are in for a similar experience Saskatchewan faced after grant devine let office. I hope the NDP name and shame every detail of corruption they find. Not that it will impact that kool aid drinking liberal supporters who seem to blame the NDP for the report commissioned by the Liberals and withheld at election time.
  3. I think we are seeing the seeds of whats to come. The Liberals have declared the rules on the speaker - and expect them to print them as if they are fact. In our democracy we accept that one seat more then 1/2 is a majority and the right to govern. Had the requirement be 2 seats more it would have been set in law hundreds of years ago. Simply fact is that the current rules contemplate a 1 seat majority. However since we have not seen that occur they are now trying to suggest it is wrong- or undemocratic. Just because its rare and a once in a century type occurrence does not make it wrong. If the liberals want to ensure the speaker doesn't vote then they should offer up one of their own, Otherwise they need to live with the fact that our democracy accepts that 50% +1 equals a majority and no amount of creative propaganda can change that. I think we will see the Liberals attempt to disrupt parliament to the point of stalling any work. Christy did say only she and the liberals can govern BC. What this has done is demonstrate how cancerous their sense of entitlement is. They clearly intend on shutting down BC till they get their way. They lost the house vote - and are being the worst losers they can possibly be - no matter what it does the province. Christy even raised that after the LG didn't understand she had no choice but to ask for a snap election. To be clear that came across sounding like she says only SHE can decide whats best for BC or what is proper. I almost wish with all this info now public that we were heading to the poles .... BC needs to decimate the BC Liberals into oblivion. My gut tells me though that once they get access to the files that there is going to be a whole lot more dirty laundry. I get it why Christy lied and asked for an election and did everything she could to hold power. Heck I even feel that to a large extent that she had every right to fight it all the way. What I didn't expect is for her party to continue this artificial crises garbage after the vote was done and the LG ruled. The LG knows the count of 44-43 - She also knows that the Liberals have been clear that they will not offer up a speaker. The LG clearly knows the Liberals are declaring it improper for the speaker to vote. If she agreed she would have gone to an election. The only way possible to get the confidence is to rely on the speakers vote and with that known she asked him to form government. I would suggest that attempting to re write history to provide only 2 seat or more majorities able to govern ..... is an undemocratic swipe at our parliament and democracy. Like I said if they are that worried about the speaker being partisan then offer up one of their own to be speaker. Clearly the speaker voting issue is a dead issue now.
  4. The libs would be smart to volunteer a speaker as a means of accepting blame for misleading the public on calling for a snap election ... It would now be in their best interest to have a year or 2 to regroup after what I expect is about to implode over at the BC Liberal party HQ
  5. Here is the link to the story http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/john-horgan-s-ndp-to-form-government-in-b-c-1.3481429 and her quote " Clark said she asked Guichon to dissolve the legislature to allow for an election because of her concerns over how the house will operate, but her request was denied. " So much for her promises - and its not just her .... tonight every BC Liberal member wears this as they supported her Yah if the Libs trigger an election any time soon they are toast ......
  6. If this is proven - I would think the BC Liberal party is finished. They can't recover if its true she pleaded for an election
  7. WOW if this is true - I suspect the Libs just dodged a massive hit .... Voters would not be pleased
  8. But as I mention - I no longer believe the old patters will hold true for a generation or so. Voter base has changed. My gut tells me 6 years of NDP ( 2 then a 4 year majority ) followed by 12 from another party. Not sure if the far right can hold a right wing coalition now - they may have to accept a move back to the center in order to form government again.
  9. Only if they find a salesperson who can speak from center but govern form the right. If you look at federal politics the right wing coalitions swing back in every 12 or so years for a term or 2 majority then get tossed. BC has been a 2 party only race for 16 years and with the growth of the greens its no longer elections as normal. We will see our patterns most likely follow federal lines now
  10. The Liberals need to decide if they want to return for a good time or a long time as they wont get both. Their big problem will now to hold the right wing coalition together. The BC Liberals are not united I suspect and their next leader may cause deeper divides. Move back to the far right - lose the moderates who want to win power now and are true liberals Move to the center and lose the hard core far right Gordon Campbell was elected to fire the NDP - Christy got elected by selling herself as being in the center then governing from the right. Voters began turning from the liberals.
  11. disagree - the party that causes an early election will pay a huge price at the polls. If the NDP get atleast 2 years before the next election then they will have to rely on their record vs having the public punish them. If they are smart they would use the next 2 years to rebrand and get a new leader. BC is not keen on extreme right wing politics so the shift back towards the center is here for the time being. They should take a page from Justin and out flank the NDP on the left lol. It worked for Justin to draw in voters. The speaker issue is a dead issue - speaker has the legal right to cast a vote in any tie - otherwise you would have to have a 2 seat majority to be declared a majority government, 150 years of history has accepted a simple majority as a holding the house - so by virtue it provides that the speaker can vote. Just because its rarer then hens teeth doesn't make it illegal. If the Libs were smart they would have kept the speaker position to ensure some ability to steer the debate.
  12. All we have so far is that she resigned as premier .... nothing on her status with the Liberals
  13. We need to stop using fake news that was planted as propaganda. It is true people left but it continued well into the liberal rule. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/did-the-ndp-really-spark-a-decade-of-decline-as-liberals-claim-1.4085394 Liberal Claim #2: Job Seekers forced to leave So what about the Liberal claim 50,000 British Columbians were forced to leave the province to find work under the NDP? A Statistics Canada 2006 report shows there was an exodus — but it extended during the early years of the Liberals as well, beginning with "a net outflow in 1998, which continued until 2004" — three years after the Liberal's took power. Most job seekers, the report notes, were attracted by the "surging economies" of Ontario and Alberta at the time.
  14. this just in - shredder shortage in Victoria
  15. Premier John Horgan !!!!