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  1. Henrik Sedin Wallpaper

    I LOVE this - well the style anyway! could you do one of Burrows? or Burr & kes together? Nice WORK :)
  2. [OFFICIAL] Canucks Pictures Thread - 09/10

    does anyone have this pic in its original size? it's on the front page right now - and I've been through a lot of the photo gallery but can't find it.....i wanna see it bigger pic
  3. In regards to the comment below, I'm going to use the picture but if you want me to remove it, I can.

    I just really like the editing on it =]

  4. Hey,

    I was wondering if I could put that beautiful Pyatt picture "If he can put his heart into will they" on my facebook profile? I can credit it to you =]

    If not, it's ok.