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  1. E.T. was real all along
  2. Repeat offender, intent to injure, uncalled for, knew what he was doing. If thats not a 10 game suspension I don't know what is. This league is a simulation run by monkeys.
  3. It's real hard mang. I have a career, good looks, I go out, and money in the bank. However I do live at home and it seems to put me in a bad spot because nearly every girl I tell I live at home they lose interest it seems.
  4. Pretty dope. I play this game at least an hour a day haha
  5. They might have done that on purpose lol
  6. Hahaha i Love this. Agreed on every damn thing he said. Gold man IT'SS GOLD LIKE 2010
  7. I agree but please don't go back to the U2. PLEASE.
  8. Why you dissin' your favourite movie?
  9. Show me your ____?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DalesArmy


      Drivers license and registration.

    3. Apples


      Twilight Sparkle

    4. Qwags


      Pokemon cards.

  10. Anybody like Black Label Society? Most of their best songs are not really "popular" or "known"
  11. The Homer Bertuzzi jersey with a Canucks beer. One of my fave pics of all time. Well done. :D

  12. DIsturbed - Indestructible