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  1. Starting a unique dynasty league

    That's a long list lol. My experience is mostly with locals. I'm trying this because my local keeper collapsed (I live in northern Alberta) Any thoughts on the basics I've laid out?
  2. Hey all. I'm want to start up a keeper league and I'm looking for like minded members, a co-commissioner or 2 and some help with creating clear rules. My vision is a non weekly draft focused on prospects, the long term with lots of activity and trades. I'd like to do a capped auction with specific rules for contract length and value. A waiver auction in January after the world juniors. Playoff supplement with players selected from your team. Entry draft in june-ish and free agent auction in September. Simplified scoring structure of just goals and assists. Wins and shutouts for goalies. I think 14-15 GMs with 40 players each. 12 forward 6 defense and 2 goalies count for points. Total player points count when trading, not points after trade. 5 draft picks in addition to the 40 players. Teams must start each season with 40 players and can either forfeit picks or trade or waive players so that every team begins each season with the same number of players. My goal is to as closely as possible mimic being an nhl GM without the day to day stuff or setting a lineup weekly. Lmk if interested or would like to help out. Thanks
  3. Guillaume Brisebois | D

    This pick is the only good thing Benning has done all weekend
  4. Canucks 2nd rounder 36th overall

    Travis Sanheim is the guy we want in the second round. Rated low by ISS and CS but hockey news draft preview had him at 21. May have to swing a deal to move up and get him.
  5. Mike Williamson Talk

    Just talked to my friend who does play by play in the AJHL. He says hes a good dman, put up good numbers but battled injuries. He also said he likes Williamson more than his teammate Carson Soucy who was taken by the Wild in the 5th round.
  6. To anyone with a crystal ball: Jake Gardiner or Dmitry Kulikov Who will score more points over the next 3 years?
  7. Alex Friesen Talk

    Because if he doesnt find a pro team to play for at the end of next year, he could be out of hockey. There's no organizational need for a smaller version of Rick Rypien. The next Rypien?? Burrows?? St. Louis???? Only time will tell, but the fact that he needs to have an OUTSTANDING year in 10/11 just to have a chance of staying in JR doesnt bode well for his future. However, I would be elated to be proven wrong.
  8. Alex Friesen Talk

    I really hope MG thinks this kid can go pro in a year or this is a useless pick.