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  1. Classless yes. But in context, it's probably said during a battle and on the ice. As such, it should stay on the ice.
  2. He says things that upsets the opposing player. Case in point, when Naslund played against us, Naslund was punching Burrows behind the head. For a guy who doesn't get rough, we can probably believe that Burrows said something to him to warrant roughness.
  3. Man, you would think the moderators of this forum would act accordingly but that is not the case clearly they want to bash the OP. While there are numerous topics with intellectual discussions, the moderators decides to pin this one. This is exactly why starting a thread should be limited to those with a min. post count of +500. And yes, we should keep burrows, not even a question.
  4. Why is this topic pinned?
  5. "the game will always be a shallow display of the talent the NHL has" I don't know about you, but those line ups are pretty mean.
  6. Round 2 is taking too long!!

  7. haha! canucks for life! game 1 today! inuman na!

  8. I know it's late but I just got your comment lol I didn't know there was a section for such lols