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  1. Just bring the same energy as last game and we will be good. 2-1 Nucks
  2. What I really noticed : Bo's line was shutting down the Boston top line so well, that they figured by getting him into the Box for 5 min. or more that would give Bergeron some breathing space. Didn't work out so well for them. I really dislike the Bruins and their dirty tricks: - put our best shutdown defender in the box - If that doesn't work, give him some stick in the face.... - give our goalie some stick in the eye.... - some one else got some stick in the face as well, i think stetcher?Virtenan? and no penalties on these stick infractions. Makes one wonder, does it not? I am just super stoked that the Nucks kicked their BUTT in spite of dirty tricks...
  3. A Goal, an assist and a fight Oh Captain my Captain!!! Grats
  4. Yes, our PP sucks at Zone entry, then when we get it, everyone passes it around looking for the Cute Gimme, highlight reel stuff. SHOOT THE DANG PUCK !!! Good things can happen when u throw the puck at the net!!! its been this way for 50 years ( i've been watching the Nucks longer than that btw) Oh wait ....lets perfect the back pass on the rush.... it may fool someone.... 60 years ago!
  5. What I want to know is : Where are the gritty support staff that JB went and acquired last summer and why the F are they not doing their JOB??? When JT Miller has to answer the bell for Guys like Tachuck(sp) what is wrong with this picture???? I am so Miffed right now, JB ought to waive Schaller, Beagle, Lievo, ferland, Rouseau et al. Bring up some guys that wanna shot at the big show and tell them what their frigging role is.....(Support/Protect the TALENT and you will do well) I have had enough of guys mailing it in and watching EP BB & hughes getting mauled at every opportunity. Yes word is out, to shut down the Nucks ...Play these guys physically, they are mid to light weights, zebra's won't make calls unless its Blatent, and even then they miss a few. They have ZERO push back so no worries. RANT OVER
  6. My personal favorite response is when Pavel Bure elbowed that guy in the head, on a fly by. I forget who it was , but payback is a Biatch.
  7. like Bukie said, don't blame the player for a crappy contract,, that's a management issue. I will route for all nucks to do better.
  8. I voted for Gaud, he stayed up from training camp and clearly belongs I had pegged hi, to be sent up and down this year as our cap required and am pleased that he took the bull by the Horns and convinced everyone he belongs, good for him.
  9. Great win, First in Div. BUT.... two points out of Playoffs.....Think about it!
  10. Do you you know the odds of winning 649 or Lotto? my chance of getting hit by lightning is like a thousand times better, still why do I keep buying tickets.....(cheap dreams)
  11. If it ain't Broke, Don't fix it!
  12. Life is full of hard lessons. My father was a teenager in Holland during WWII. He was playing pool with his good buddy in the local pub when the SS came in. They took his buddy away and took my dad into the middle of the street outside the Pub and proceeded to make an example of what happens to good Dutch Folk for being friends with a Jew. My dad came away with a Broken nose and a severe hatred for anything German. Dad never saw his buddy again. It was a defining moment for him. At 17 he served in the Dutch army instead of his older brother and became the Division Boxing Champion, he was not a small kid. My dad was the kindest man I knew, but nobody messed with him. He was my Hero.
  13. I think we have beaten the Drum long enuff with the Hate or frustration. Jake is now producing, and getting better as time marches on. A majority of CDC Posters are obviously the McDonalds children " I want it and I want it right F$#@ing NOW". PATIENCE grasshoppers ! Shotgun Jake is coming into his Own, Watch & Learn!