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  1. The Nucks looked out of gas the entire game. Always last to the puck, dump, chase and never get there. If you notice, all the teams that shut down our PP are super aggressive defending, they are all over our guys except the point guy. Yet our PK is about boxing it up and blocking. Our guys need to find some ENERGY!!! Fire the Strength/Conditioning trainer!!! Hire a Better Pharmacyst (sp). Do something!!!
  2. Groot.... big, fast, strong and has a decent slapper. Just the impact of his hits clearly indicates that his upper body strength is way above average. the way he used his body/arms to punish opponents when he hit them makes me want him back. his amazing reach also helps make him a good defender, getting his stick in there to disrupt the puck. When opponents are listening to hear him coming, you know their focus is off the puck!! Bring him back Jimbo!!!
  3. I have always disliked the staged fights!!! If yer miffed and someone disses yas, then drop em and sort it out!!! Those are the intense battles that are worth watching. To see a guy get injured from a staged fight..... well. Too bad he couldn't wait til Rouselle was ready.
  4. in Gaud we trust, all others get assists
  5. At this point in time ....It's time to play hardball! BB just missed training camp... which in theory hurts the Team. If JB offerred 7 mil over 6 years , and it was not accepted.... my new Offer would be 6.5 mil over 7 years and if not accepted by the fist official game.... off to europe you go for a year. You are either a TEAM player or you are not.....There is no I in team!!!!
  6. I believe that the Locker room should determine who wears the "C" with endorsement from management. Yes, its not a democracy... but who do the majority of your team respect and look up to?? Plus its one more voice on the ice to talk to the refs.(don't get me going here on the quality or bias of NHL F...ing Reffing). Did we not get a glimpse of EP calling Bo "cap"?? that would clearly decide it for me.
  7. I voted for Bo, But the young core , Bo EP BB Hughes etc is why the rebuild is over and now finding the right support is ON!!
  8. well if Bo is at 5.5 and outscored BB .....I think 5yrs at 6 would be okay, do not want to piss off the Bo where is all this 7-8 mil per year coming from? I really like BB but seriously 66 games per year and scoring in the 80+%bracket .... I would value Bo more! just sayin'
  9. I will believe the re-build is over when I look at our line-up in Oct. Still lots of stuff that needs to be done: sign BB & Goldy Lose some dead weight Then we will cheer for the Nucks to make the PLAYOFFS and then anything goes!!!
  10. no point in trying to figure lines at this point. A lot can happen between now and October. But, I am confident that each move that JB makes is going to make this team stronger and better. I believe we are one top 4 D away from being in playoff contention strongly. If JB can clear some dead weight cap space, we are going on a Joyous Ride folks. I think we make the show and in the second round we will know where we need to upgrade for the following year. You heard it here first!
  11. Man folks who believe JB overpaid for Miller just do not understand Hockey Management. WE get a Proven 50-60 point guy if he plays top 6, he is intended to play with EP, What The F is their problem??? Or are those negative Nancy's just pure Gamblers or Idiots listening to the Media spin stories. If a young guy like that was a RFA and was offer sheeted the return would be a first and a third.......wake up doorknobs. Tank Days are done , we be going to the SHOW
  12. like he said, we gonna pay his Bonus on July1 , then we see what happens!
  13. Coach Green said loui was doing the "little things" but Dang we be paying for "Big Things" ! Remember he was aquired to play with the twins, like he did in International play. It did just not work out!! So, how do we really cut our losses?
  14. and remember, hughes is an upgrade over our D from last year already, wait and see what happens next in FA
  15. here is my take: - odds are a late first rounder scoring 50-60 points is a major win, Trading a late first round pick for a proven top 6 winger that scores 50-60 is a proven win. - Nucks have to make playoffs next year or this team will implode : our young guns will be miffed our Russian prospects will not learn engrish( no motivation to make the move) - JB is after a UFA defenseman (bigger the better imho) - JB is negotiating to trade for what we need and hopefully clear sum scrugs errr.... I mean quality players with mucho potential, cough cough I don't like to trade a first rounder, but in this case we get something we need NOW! I believe that with the moves that have been made and are about to be made, Nucks will make the show next year..... then anything can happen Goaltending is secure. with eagle and Hughes and one more top4 D we gonna help our goalies succeed with 2 legit top lines Brock alien miller, pearson Bo bear$&!#, hmmmm might need an upgrade there, but if healthy its okay need a lil more grit and muscle and we be good