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  1. we can dream.......... I for one would like to see the Nucks hold arseholes accountable to "The Code" but we are the Nuckleheads.... remember we be the speedbag that keeps on taking it.....
  2. Burrows, do we really need him? I love the chemestry right now..... do not mess with this....When Baer gets back we have our 1st Line back end of discussion!
  3. Great Game , nice to pull it out in the shoot-out The D & Marky stepped up, Stole this one Getting to see Erickson earn his keep Bo & Burr were amazing Stetcher/Hutton/Tree all showing tons of promise Sbisa is earning his pay....Guddy is showing great D, not so good Offense The Utica replacements are showing up and not costing us....This is most surprising....
  4. 4-2 yotes unfortunatley 19 shots
  5. I am feared its the cellar , here we come I just hate to see our team this far into the depths of disparity it is what it is......I guess go nucks
  6. same old same old can't score to save our lives!!!! our Goaltending is good D is better Now JB needs to find some scoring...... current lineups are not working..... what if: hansen back with Sedins Erickson with sutter Bo with whoever he wants....
  7. all of the above................. is why I voted other Its a TEAM game ............takes contributions from multiple sources
  8. 5-2 Nucks Edler for the 1st goal
  9. I hear the Twins were invisible
  10. You went to your fist Pro Hockey game in the Collisium, because your mom spent more than $25.00 at the grocery store.
  11. Canucks will finish in a strong 2nd place finish to easily make the playoffs. With all players hot to Trot into the playoffs, we make it to the finals and we go down to some very dirty hits and lose. The NHL has no official response to horrible officiating...Canuck management makes no comment.... the ensuing riot will speak for itself.
  12. Nice, But I want a cup ..... praying for some magic this year!
  13. Not really Puking at him, just have not seen enuff to warrant the cost. Injuries cost us bigtime/playoffs last year and his were the most glaring imho. If he stays healthy , I am sure the coach will determine where he plays. I hope he can contribute as advertised, that would make us stronger yet, compared to last year. Lets face reality, If half our OT losses where wins, we make the playoffs last year. That is how tight it was. Any improvement could put us over the mark. A lot of little ones is sure to set the tone. - gudbranson v Hammer - Erickson v Vrbata - tryamkin v webber - a healthy Sutter - If Juliov(sp) stays with the big club ??? All these are betterments in my mind, altho the loss of Hammer is suspect to me , we may miss him.
  14. who is this Sutter guy we be talking about? the guy I watched lose most of his faceoffs, the guy we saw little of cause he is always on the LTI list? I am sure our Coach will balance the lines according to what He sees and expects, I see a case for him at RW and at C. hmm , I would like to see more games played, before I judge
  15. Grenier is missing some serious GROWL in my mind. Dorsett has it, Virtanen has it, we need MORE of it. especially since we have so many players that do not have any. Do n ot get me wrong here though, when I say GROWL I do not mean toughness, like the Sedins are TOUGH cause they can take a beating and they do, when I say GROWL, I mean they hit, they retaliate, and just make life miserable for the opposition and will fight when necessary. who on our team has Growl..... Dorset Virtanen Tryamkin Sbisa Gudbranson Hanson ( to a dergree he does bang a lot and I have seen him drop em) Burrows ( altho does pulling hair and biting count.... Heck Yas) Horvat ( I think/hope so) Pedan Who does not : Sedins Edler Hutton Sutter Bear cheese Tanev Unkown to me : Eriksson Etem We are finally starting to balance the books on Grit and GROWL. I think in our division, we need more Growl, especially if those guys can actually play!!!