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  1. All this talk of drafting midgets is concerning..... a little more size & grit please
  2. yes, we need to do something to adress the dwarvish canucks especially with Quinton huges joining the team, we just get smaller and smaller
  3. I do not think the Nucks can afford to get smaller on D How many years has the injury bug hammerred us? Edler does play a heavy D, He won't fight, but he does use his body and he is strong. Its sad to see that folks want smaller players, DOH
  4. Main issue with the Nucks in my Humble opinion............... we are softer than little Scotty arse wipes.....we have only 2 players that has made every game this year same old same old ....injury bug.... BS oh....lets recruit(draft/trade/sign) midgets and expect them to be giants, DOH. either the strength/conditioning guys are clueless....or (see reference to Scotty Little Softies). Am very tired of seeing the injury bug decimate our chances of playoffs. People this is not rocket science
  5. Nope , but the silver sieve award is still available. whose name will be on it after tonights game??
  6. been a Nuck fan when they were in the WHL and yes, I am an OLD Fart
  7. Clearly, We will not make the playoffs. - our "D" is decimated - our PP could suck start a harley - our injuries makes one question our strength conditioning staff or our drafting midget propensity - our one line that can score, if not played physically - Bo has not had wingers long enough for some chemistry to build. we are Limping/Wimping our way to the finish line once again but wait , soon as we are mathmatically eliminated, hughes will come and we go on a streak and finish 15th again too little too late 40++ years and hoping.....waiting.....
  8. did we just become the smallest D in the NHL???? or was this a Utica pick??? we are gonna get creamed in the def zone, someone explain the rationale here???
  9. MG does not have any of his draft picks on the team No enforcer the most glaring problems with that line up