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  1. Dark days for canuckle fans , indeed
  2. I really love how our new young guys are being taught defense first. I think that may explain why our opposition can get 40+ shots on our goalie night in and night out??? ( we paying our goalies enough?) Coach has everyone scared silly , they throw the pucks up the boards , instead of the obvious outlet pass. I'm sick of watching it.
  3. Do we really care? Just play a good game , outcome is fickle, Refs will decide anyways and the odds makers are questionably quiet
  4. game by Bachman and all the youth Go Nucks
  5. GREAT Post ... luvin it Viking Clap for the 1000th oh yeah!!!!
  6. 4-2 Flames Fantasy may be OVER I sure hope not!!!! Go Nucks
  7. Nucks 4-3 We can DREAM
  8. we can dream.......... I for one would like to see the Nucks hold arseholes accountable to "The Code" but we are the Nuckleheads.... remember we be the speedbag that keeps on taking it.....
  9. Burrows, do we really need him? I love the chemestry right now..... do not mess with this....When Baer gets back we have our 1st Line back end of discussion!
  10. Great Game , nice to pull it out in the shoot-out The D & Marky stepped up, Stole this one Getting to see Erickson earn his keep Bo & Burr were amazing Stetcher/Hutton/Tree all showing tons of promise Sbisa is earning his pay....Guddy is showing great D, not so good Offense The Utica replacements are showing up and not costing us....This is most surprising....
  11. 4-2 yotes unfortunatley 19 shots
  12. I am feared its the cellar , here we come I just hate to see our team this far into the depths of disparity it is what it is......I guess go nucks
  13. same old same old can't score to save our lives!!!! our Goaltending is good D is better Now JB needs to find some scoring...... current lineups are not working..... what if: hansen back with Sedins Erickson with sutter Bo with whoever he wants....
  14. all of the above................. is why I voted other Its a TEAM game ............takes contributions from multiple sources