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  1. Leading the Islanders 3-0 to 2nd intermission, ends up lossing 4-7. Yup it is Tort's fault. He must have made a worst strategic error than Midway.
  2. I was debating whatever its the players or the coach's problem for much of the year. Then one game changed my mind: Now let's blame this one on the coach for a second. To do this, Torts must have done some MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE tactical error in the last 20 minutes of the game. I keep thinking what those errors could be. Did Torts suddenly went nuts and start yelling at the players, and the players got mad and stopped playing? Did Tort change his defensive tactics to "I don't even know what to call it"? Nothing lines up. The only possibility was if Tort pull the goalie for that whole period. That's when I start putting the responsibility on the players. Maybe injury. Maybe lack of motivation. Maybe endurance. I am not sure. Now I am not saying Torts is flawless. But I just don't think its fair to put all the responsibility on him, based on what we have seen.
  3. Canucks just divided by zero.
  4. We just lost all 7 of our fleet carriers in Midway.
  5. We just got destroyed on home ice by one of the worst teams in the league. Is this real life?
  6. Until Kesler come right out and say "Yes I 100% certainly undoubtedly want to be traded away from the Canucks", I call all these media stirred rumors BS. If Kesler doesn't want to move, he can stay till retirement. ^^ For those who keep screaming trade Kesler, you people seem to have forgotten about Ryan Smith. And unless you people plan to miss the playoffs for the next 2 years, keeping Kesler to set an example for our younger players makes perfect sense. Kesler isn't that old. Follow the Red Wings. Do not follow the Oilers.
  7. Aquilini wants the Cup. The Canucks already made him more than enough money. NVM his other businesses. Aquilini is a huge Canucks fan too. He isn't just another owner.
  8. I was young and foolish back then. But if I did stop watching right when they traded Linden, and spend those "waste" hockey game hours studying instead, I may be a PHD by now. ^^
  9. The team should only do rentals if we have a legitimate chance at the Cup. It is foolish to get a rental just to make the playoffs. Right now is the worst time for the Canucks to get a rental.
  10. LA Kings barely made the playoffs, and then they went on to win the Cup with "ease". It isn't over until it is over.
  11. Exactly. The day this team trade away a heart and soul guy who does not want to be traded, the day I would consider cheering for another team. The Oilers traded Ryan Smith. Look what happened to them. Total destruction. A lot of reporters are spreading false rumours only because they want Kesler traded.
  12. Nice fans I see here. Yeah let's trade the hearts and souls away. Great idea! >_> Draft picks doesn't 100% mean a Crosby. We can end up like the Oilers too. Without heart and soul guys to set an example, talent means nothing. Kesler is staying unless he personally wants to move.
  13. Keep Kesler please. Think ten times (more than twice) before trading him.
  14. I am sad to see Luongo gone. I would like him to get a Cup with us. But given how poorly we had been doing so far, I can see that it is pointless to stay much longer. Luongo is the best goalie the Canucks have ever gotten! I wish Luongo all the best in Florida. It will be great to spent more time with family. ^^
  15. I am against trading Kesler. Edler is a maybe, if the offer is right.