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  1. [PGT] Canucks @ Hurricanes

    It is hard to swallow 5 unanswered goals. Although the most surprising thing is we didn't call a time out and didn't pull Miller after the 5-5 goal. It just seems we stopped skating in the 3rd. It still blow my mind how Lori Eriksson can play so bad this year. Keep WD for now. I don't see how changing the coach can help.
  2. Com'on people, 17 games, really

    I am not impatient. I knew we are rebuilding. But I do wish we can become that high offensive team. If we lose, I would much rather lose 2-4 than 0-1. I want to see run and gun hockey. My ideal team: Insane scoring, terrible defense, epic goaltending. It isn't just about winning. It is about entertainment. I want the other team to be terrified of our offense. That every night we are going to score 2-3 goals. So the enemy must score 3-4 to win. And we have a terrible defense that is covered by epic goaltending. If we are going to hire an all-star goalie why not make him shrine? Just go focus on scoring. Let the goalie handle the net. I just hate it when we are down 0-3, the chances of us coming back is like 0.00%. But when we are winning 3-0, the chances of the other team coming back is like 10%. Sometimes we just need to score. We cannot rely on the other team not scoring. That is not fun hockey to watch.
  3. [fan petition] please rebuild this team

    We are already rebuilding.
  4. [PGT] Blackhawks @ Canucks

    Look at it from the bright side. We got a point. Canucks and Hawks are not rivals anymore. Most of our players had move on. And we can barely make the playoffs, if at all.
  5. [PGT] Rangers @ Canucks

    Very late but:
  6. Firing the coach won't fix anything right now. It is the lack of players. It is about being a 1 line team, where that 1 line have two 36 year old players that tries very hard but it is asking for the impossible.
  7. [PGT] Canucks @ Rangers

    So AV didn't get to laugh. Definitely dropped my glasses.
  8. Actually true justice will be the Rangers dominating the Canucks and AV having a good laugh about it. I am serious. Remember all the fans that screamed fire AV? I am glad I wasn't one of them.
  9. Vigneault will have a good laugh. Let's just hope we can make this a close lost. Or Vigneault have mercy on us and start using his 3rd and 4th lines. I am trying hard to take this season as easy as I can.
  10. [PGT] Capitals @ Canucks

    This is a no pressure year. Sit back and enjoy. :-) A lot of people say fire the couch. That is pointless right now. We are a 1 line team.
  11. [PGT] Senators @ Canucks

    Miller had a good game. That's about it. =(
  12. [Report] Torts Fired

    Leading the Islanders 3-0 to 2nd intermission, ends up lossing 4-7. Yup it is Tort's fault. He must have made a worst strategic error than Midway.
  13. I was debating whatever its the players or the coach's problem for much of the year. Then one game changed my mind: Now let's blame this one on the coach for a second. To do this, Torts must have done some MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE tactical error in the last 20 minutes of the game. I keep thinking what those errors could be. Did Torts suddenly went nuts and start yelling at the players, and the players got mad and stopped playing? Did Tort change his defensive tactics to "I don't even know what to call it"? Nothing lines up. The only possibility was if Tort pull the goalie for that whole period. That's when I start putting the responsibility on the players. Maybe injury. Maybe lack of motivation. Maybe endurance. I am not sure. Now I am not saying Torts is flawless. But I just don't think its fair to put all the responsibility on him, based on what we have seen.