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  1. 10 - 1 Jets.
  2. I truly enjoyed the game ...... lots of goals. At this point making the playoffs is not a moot topic. They're done for the season. And don't discount the firing of MG in the summer.
  3. Losing to Calgary is one thing but imagine the 1/2 empty rink like it was in Dallas last nite! Even watching them on TV is an agony now. They've ALL lost it ....... mentally !! And they make millions while in that state of mind.
  4. The team is broken ...... 7-1 Boston tonite.
  5. Luongo wants to be traded, again, to a real cup contender. But which team will want him? In fact, not too many teams will want any Canuck for trade. They all SUCK !!
  6. They are DONE for the season ! Will be bloody surprised if they even make the p/offs, which they don't deserve to. They have all turned into journeyman players skating around like headless chicken ! I think they all want to be traded out of Vancouver.
  7. They'll fall off the p/off chart come February ....... guaranteed !!
  8. What's with all these semantics ? Bottom line ...... they lost the 2 points.
  9. NUCKS4CUP 28, on 05 January 2014 - 02:18 AM, said: Well I do always wonder if the Sedin's could land us Crosby. Throw MG into the mix ...... it could !
  10. Will they commit another "Cam Neely" blunder by trading him ? It's possible.
  11. I think they're now almost out of contention for the p/offs. No one, from the goalie out, is consistent. This "one step forward two steps back" thingy will ultimately write the season off come Jan 2014. Sad ...... real sad !!
  12. Mediocre is their middle name! May as well hit the 30th spot and grab 1st pick next draft.
  13. They won't beat LA. Just don't be embarrassed by 5-1 or 6-0 loss on home ice!!
  14. All signs indicate an early long hot summer ahead. Prediction ...... MG will be toast!
  15. Canucks are in a free-fall and slowly but surely heading for the basement! There is nothing left in the tank, it appears.