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  1. My prediction for Sportsnet 650: Either Joey Kenward will get the Play-by-play position or.. perhaps we will see someone like Blake Price or Jeff Patterson get a shot? I don't see them picking up Jon Abbott as he is the voice of the World Juniors for TSN. I think Dave Tomlinson is hired by Sportsnet, his colour commentary is one of the best in my opinion and would be sad to see him not get the job. I think they may have an arrangement where Shorty calls games that he doesn't get to call on TV on radio, perhaps bring Garrett in as well to allow the two to remain as the core duo all season long?
  2. This is why tanking is pointless, the lottery system is designed to prevent teams from purposely losing. The nhl wants more competition until the end of the year. So don't be surprised this happened, I certainly am not.
  3. I think majority of ppl picked hawks to win cup.. there goes their chances!
  4. 2017-2018 Vancouver Canucks Baertschi - Horvat - Jagr/Boeser Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson/Jagr Granlund - Sutter - Goldobin/Eriksson Dorsett - Gaunce - Virtanen/Goldobin Wideman - Tanev Edler - Hutton Stetcher - Gudbranson Tryamkin Markstrom Miller Horvat: 24-37-61 pts Jagr: 29-29-58 pts Boeser: 22-34-56 pts H. Sedin: 18-36-54 pts D. Sedin: 21-33-53 pts Baertschi: 23-25-48 pts Canucks finish 38-34-10, good for 86 points, or 10th in West.
  5. Man, i might just move to lower bowl, will be cheaper then keeping my section lol
  6. Price works TV, so I'm pretty sure they're all more qualified than us regular guys. I find Price, Sekeres, BMac, the Moj , Don Taylor and Patterson very interesting to listen to. I dont get what you guys want from these guys, they may be negative most of the time, but at least they're honest. Heck, when we lost Hughson to CBC in 2008-2009, It was a sad day here in canucks nation.. and when you get him on HNIC or whatever game they decide to use him, you guys all complain that he isn't as homerish as he used to be. Well guess what, your team is on a NATIONAL broadcast, it will be treated as such. What we say about our own guys is the same as what other places say about their local guys. It's just never good enough. Just be lucky that there is wall-to-wall coverage, because that could be gone next season once Sportsnet Radio takes over and you guys will be wishing you had Price, Sekeres, BMAC, Moj & Taylor.
  7. A STL loss keeps them 6 points ahead of vancouver with 1 game in hand. I feel this one is going to OT against the Ducks , which will hurt Vancouver more, 88 points and its over for the canucks, stl just needs 17 more, that's 8 wins, 1 otl in the final 17. canucks need 24 points to have a minimal shot, so 12-3-0
  8. Canucks win tonight, plus a LA loss, and the canucks will be 2 poitnts back of LA, and will be 5 back of STL. A Calgary loss will allow Vancouver to close the gap to 8 points with a win.
  9. Interest or the actual playoff implications are not really great for me to bring back the chart, so I have an update on how Vancouver is going to make the playoffs. (I am projecting the best case scenario for the Canucks, and I am going to offer as realistic as potential predictable outcomes as possible) VAN: NYI @ VAN - WIN PIT @ VAN - OT/LOSS BOS @ VAN - OT/WIN DAL @ VAN - WIN VAN @ EDM - LOSS VAN @ CHI - OT/LOSS VAN @ STL - OT/WIN VAN @ MIN - WIN VAN @ WPG - WIN ANA @ VAN - OT/WIN LAK @ VAN - WIN SJS @ VAN - OT/LOSS VAN @ SJS - LOSS VAN @ ARI - WIN EDM @ VAN - WIN VAN @ EDM - OT/LOSS Total: 23 Points, Total: 88 (10-2-4), Final Record: 38-32-12 STL: ANA @ STL - OT/LOSS NYI @ STL - LOSS STL @ LAK - WIN STL @ ANA - OT/LOSS STL @ SJS - LOSS STL @ ARI - WIN STL @ COL - LOSS STL @ VAN - OT/LOSS STL @ CGY - LOSS ARI @ STL - WIN STL @ ARI - LOSS STL @ COL - WIN NSH @ STL - LOSS WPG @ STL - WIN STL @ FLA - LOSS STL @ CAR - LOSS COL @ STL - WIN Total: 6-8-3 - 20 Points - 86 I feel STL will win a few more games that I predicted, but that's the best case scenario for the canucks at this point. STL doesn't need a strong record to eliminate Vancouver, .500 would be more than enough if Vancouver only wins what I outlined above.
  10. So, a win tomorrow and a loss by stl (likely since they play minny) and canucks are 4 pts out of playoffs , tho stl will still hold a game in hand, and so will LA who would be 3 pts ahead. canucks need to go 13-4-0 to clinch a playoff spot assuming projections hold up for STL (88 points they are on pace for, hold 2nd wildcard with a game in hand on LA)
  11. 6 points back, stl has a game in hand, chances are still slim, but, a 5 game homestand coming up, team wins 4/5 , this team suddenly has 71 points, who knows what could happen.
  12. A loss by STL and a win by Vancouver, and this team is 5 pts back of a playoff spot with even # games left against the kings
  13. 86 Points is the minimum needed to make post-season in the west, but with point inflation down the stretch, I think 90-91 points will be the necessary amount. So let's see: 29-30 points needed to make post-season, that's 15-2-1 in the final 18. Pretty much impossible at this point, but if they can get to 86 points, that's 13-5-0 or 13-4-1 down the stretch. That's more do-able.
  14. Well, canucks have a game on hand against LA, and two more match-ups against them, which means if both teams won out, and Vancouver beat LA in both games remaining, Vancouver would be one point shy of LA. Playoffs are still a possibility if LA and STL (Add WPG, DAL) play .500 or less. For the playoffists out there, you never know what to expect, it's not over till its over.
  15. There's a 3.5 cent conversion rate as well to consider