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  1. Thanks and good luck to you guys too!

  2. Not really for Schroeds, he hasn't been exposed enough to opportunities with the Canucks to get the "bashing" and jumping off part of bandwagonning which separates bandwagon fans and normal rational fans (notice I don't say "true" fans because of the vagueness it implies). It has occurred in bundles with Hodgson though.
  3. Good to see the constant evidence that we have a promising and exciting future!
  4. I was surprised at that too. I was like here it comes and then he totally just pulls a patience dangle with those "glowing" golden hands of confidence.
  5. I'm thankful he's playing this unreal after his contract year lol.
  6. Yet another amazing pass by Burrows. He's inherited the brothers' abilities.
  7. What a play by Burrows to keep the puck onside indeed! It's like wiping with silk.
  8. Lol props to Clutch on showing his face back here :D This thread has brought countless posts of joy
  9. Hahah GO BURROWS GO! You know that move is coming, but you can't stop it! How many time have we seen him use that on the breakaway. A simple beauty of a goal!
  10. It's like calling a prospect an omega bust and then they turn out to be the next Stamkos. Speaking of which, I hope people ease up on Hodgson - he's going to be a great player assuming his back heals fine.
  11. Lolol. The fists of irony only seem to get stronger as time goes on and the gloves become softer with better padding via the play of Burrows.
  12. YES WE DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Nah, negative posts that turn out incorrect on favorite players deserve to be ragged on this much
  14. Yes, the irony of the name of the user who made this thread is not lost.
  15. Ah the gratification.