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  1. yea but you don't want to overlook players based on skating alone. Tkachuk was overlooked by a few teams because of his average skating ability.
  2. you are right. I wonder if this can give the Canucks leverage in a backroom deal where Edler agrees to waive his no trade clause or if he doesn't, the Canucks expose him to Vegas. Or a deal where Vegas trades for Edler?
  3. have to protect players with no trade clauses
  4. correct me if I am wrong but wouldn't it also expose Gudbranson on the back end too?
  5. I dont know. Sounds like an excuse for trying to explain the madness or stubbornness of coach Willie.
  6. except that he has
  7. No I am sure he can play for Utica once his OHL season is over. Didnt Virtanen play for the Comets in the 2015 playoffs?
  8. Dont think so. Small chance he will play for the Comets if London gets eliminated from playoffs early.
  9. so thats 2 goals and 3 assists in his last 8 games. starting to come around?
  10. I agree. We obviously want pick #1 or #2 (for the GMs sake they might prefer pick #2 so there is no second guessing) but from pick #3-#6 its a crap shoot in determining who the best players out of those ranked in that range are.
  11. Stagnating? Poor stats? poor play? hmmmm..... Is his play so bad this year that he is looking like a first round bust? I guess time will tell.
  12. Would want more than that for Hutton. Hutton is already a proven NHLer where as Conner hasn't proven anything yet and isnt a sure bet.
  13. Yamamoto is pretty good but I would be cautious with his size.
  14. should there have been a couple assists on the goal? it was officially scored as an unassisted goal.