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  1. If we are going for a centreman and Vilardi is still available, do we pick him over Glass or Mittelstadt?
  2. I heard a comparison to Ehlers (better in some aspects but not as good in other aspects of the game). Anyways, Hischier looked pretty good at the World Junior tournament. One of the most impressive players that stood out at the tournament.
  3. Vilardi if he slips to 5th and perhaps Tippett but I think he is rated 7th-10th.
  4. I agree. I have seen Rasmussen play a few time and wasn't really blown away. On the other hand I have seen Cody Glass a number of times and have been impressed with his play.
  5. Corey Hirsch‏Verified account @CoreyHirsch 2m2 minutes ago More If it was a Mcdavid or Matthews draft I'd be disappointed not getting 1st pick. This years draft 1-5 is all good. No need to be disappointed
  6. yup...exactly what I was just thinking. Colorado desperately needs good d-men in their system so this would be the time to select the top rated d-man from this class.
  7. I think the Avs will take a D-man.
  8. nope you are not the only one. from the managements perspective there is no second guessing.
  9. atleast they tied it up and got a point
  10. I heard that Nolan Patrick is injured again and most likely out for the remainder of the WHL playoffs.
  11. yea but you don't want to overlook players based on skating alone. Tkachuk was overlooked by a few teams because of his average skating ability.
  12. you are right. I wonder if this can give the Canucks leverage in a backroom deal where Edler agrees to waive his no trade clause or if he doesn't, the Canucks expose him to Vegas. Or a deal where Vegas trades for Edler?
  13. have to protect players with no trade clauses
  14. correct me if I am wrong but wouldn't it also expose Gudbranson on the back end too?