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  1. wuddapp shiveerr?

  2. no snow in delta yet
  3. this is my only hope. I dont have sportsnet
  4. oh man.. 1st and 3rd are harsh..
  5. can someone please render this ASAP
  6. ya, its only sticking to dirt and grass
  7. NORTH DELTA HAS LOTS OF SNOW AND 15CM MORE expected! cap locks FTW
  8. shhtening snow
  9. its coming down hard in North Delta ... No School its only been 15mins and like 3cm's but snows boring now..
  10. Some people are ass's gangsters are a waste of time, good job meeting crosby,keep playin hockey!

  11. cummon its snowing again in nd
  12. its snowing fiercely in North Delta
  13. true that man I just shovelled the driveway and after 20mins its the same again
  14. man Its good weather to make a ice rink out there ...I already tried BTW: im also a ND boy and its coming down hard