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  1. http://nationalpost.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/jacob-markstrom-has-a-torn-meniscus-canucks-trade-for-louis-domingue/wcm/989cf03b-ac0c-4127-acec-fea0b1ef97bd
  2. Nylander is too soft. We have enough soft forwards with offensive potential that we don't play. Baertschi and goldobin are both a cheaper option of the same kind of player. Nylander is way overpaid imo.
  3. Making sure he stays healthy for trade deadline and cash in on a big trade!
  4. Talk about over blowing things. If my daughter got mooned I would expect that she would deal with it for what it is. She isnt taught to take offense to everything in life. She is not bubble wrapped, and can get through her day without being crushed by society. She will be one of the people who make a difference to our future. Teaching our kids to whine and imply that everything happening around them is offensive, is what really will stop us from progressing in society. I dont like AM, but he mooned a woman and now she needs therapy. Why cant people just move on with their loves anymore?
  5. Really?! Who cares about AM? Get out of your moms basement and go enjoy the day.
  6. You're such a loser.