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  1. Sekeres throws BS shade at Goldy

    He's staying!
  2. Pedan didn't accept his qualifying offer.
  3. I watch every game, and have for many years. I don't know why Sbisa is beat down by fans so much. I thought he was getting better every game, getting in some good checks and big hits. I wouldn't be surprised if we get a lot more for him than people would expect.
  4. Virtanen's role next year

    I really think that Vancouver needs to give Rodin a decent chance to thrive. Even if it means sending someone like Virtanen to Utica for the year.
  5. Ultimate Canucks 5 v 5 plus goalie combo?

    sedin-sedin-mogilny ohlund-erhoff schnieder
  6. The Hedman trade that never happened.

    In hindsight, do we trade away Neely? Does Pitts trade Naslund for Stojanov? Does Ottawa pick Alex Daigle first overall? over Pronger? Do we actually sign Messier to replace Linden? Sundin????
  7. Las Vegas team name ideas (for fun)

    Las Vegas Hookers 'n' Blow!
  8. Canucks just took a big L

    sweet beard of zeus.....we just continue to take it in the sack.
  9. Lucic says he'll never go to DT Vancouver

    Lucic shows us what a sore loser can act like. Who cares that he's from Vancouver, he's a Boston citizen now. He is the one yelling "I'll kill you! Do you know who I am?" Ya, your some drunk meathead looking to prove yourself in the Vancouver bars, only to be beat down off the ice like you were on the ice. He's a loud mouth drunken bully! I for one am glad he won't come back. One less drunk downtown. Lucic, please stop telling people you're from Vancouver!!
  10. You're such a loser.