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  1. I shall call him Cecil Terwilliger
  2. But who pays respect to the original inhabitants of North America who were forced out 16,000 years ago when the descendants of first nations crossed the Bering Strait from Siberia?
  3. You the meme police? Want to stifle people's usage of memes? Sounds kind of Conservative to me....
  4. Where does Hillary get her Chairman Mao outfits from?
  5. Tap the brakes buddy, he's only been drafted for a few hours and you're throwing out comparisons to one of the best d-men in the last couple decades.
  6. No point making excuses, they're going to charge whatever they want regardless. Can't wait until an electric pickup truck is a feasible alternative
  7. slickjim23 talks in Facebook Sun news feed headlines
  8. Well that was a Horrorshow... IMO Jeb Bush and Rand Paul sounded the least crazy, and it really pains me to say that about a Bush.
  9. So if he's suing the CBC is he not just suing everyone in Canada for tax money? If so, that's quite the Richard move.
  10. 10 Hrs of forming concrete today with no shade... My brain feels like its about to start leaking out of my ears.
  11. Of course not, we're shipping it in raw form and letting the Chinese/Whoever refine it themselves. It's not like we need the jobs here in Canada or anything. Not to mention that piping the fuel out West after refining would be easier to clean up in a spill situation. Your logical thinking is exactly what the Conservative party doesn't want you to do. You're supposed to just watch the commercials on TV about how great pipelines are and drink the kool-aid.
  12. If they can somehow catch him alive, he'll be out on supervised community visits within five years. Hoping this ends with the perpetrator being shot and killed.
  13. I'm sure that's what they want you to think.