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  1. The team never really set him up for success and that is unfortunate. You can tell Nikita is a sensitive guy and needed confidence that the coaching staff never seemed to want to give him. Part of me wonders if there has been interest in Nikita from the Russian Olympic Federation about playing in 2018, hence the sudden bolt back to Russia? He would have to be active outside of the NHL to qualify for a spot on the team (Correct me if i'm wrong). As someone who has watched Nikita since his first season with Yekaterinburg and followed his progression closely I am disappointed with the way things have played out, but am hopeful that he will return down the road. Damn, a tough season made just a little tougher. Wonder if Linden and Benning will be able to get all that egg off their faces in time for the draft?
  2. I shall call him Cecil Terwilliger
  3. But who pays respect to the original inhabitants of North America who were forced out 16,000 years ago when the descendants of first nations crossed the Bering Strait from Siberia?
  4. You the meme police? Want to stifle people's usage of memes? Sounds kind of Conservative to me....
  5. Where does Hillary get her Chairman Mao outfits from?
  6. I hope he's training in that retro Soviet gym with the punch meter and running track around it from Rocky 4. Minus the injections of course
  7. That picture is from 112 weeks ago... So yeah, totally need to worry about it.
  8. Tap the brakes buddy, he's only been drafted for a few hours and you're throwing out comparisons to one of the best d-men in the last couple decades.
  9. No point making excuses, they're going to charge whatever they want regardless. Can't wait until an electric pickup truck is a feasible alternative
  10. slickjim23 talks in Facebook Sun news feed headlines
  11. Well that was a Horrorshow... IMO Jeb Bush and Rand Paul sounded the least crazy, and it really pains me to say that about a Bush.
  12. Man... in all of my smoking career, I have never honestly been that high. He was not smoking the reefers
  13. Not until Mars gets their own Casinos and Wayne Newton.