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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    He did an interview after the game...His voice seemed a little different and he had a hard time swallowing. The video is on CDC's front page entitled 'Raw: Players Post Game'.
  2. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    To his defense, Weekes did correct himself. A lot more Ryans in the league than their used to be (just look at Team USA's roster).
  3. lol it's all good dude. Miller was unconscious to say the least! With USA's side of the bracket and the team playing with heart, I seriously think at least a silver is attainable. I guess the Brodeur issue is warranted...Canada did out shoot USA almost 2-1.

  4. I'm up to 42 rep points after getting 9 on one thread...I think your excellent reputation is rubbing off on me ;) All for Sunday...Going to be epic! ttyl :P

  5. Hey, I sent you a PM. :)

  6. Sorry about that, I'll be around my computer next time...Looks like you were slightly outnumbered there ;) I'm Casey btw...Nice to meet you. Looks like American Vancouver Canucks fans are a rare breed and we will have to stick together over the next week ;) Kesler has been looking like a 5-mil/season player during this tournament. Nobody plays as hard as him...Great to see his effort paid off.

  7. :D!! You must always be around for me to talk to any time there's a game on. :P And yes, Miller...wow. I'd take him on the Wings any day. And Kesler. I love that man. Hustled hard out there tonight. Loved it.

  8. See what happens when we stick together? ;) OMG...Miller was a beast, and Kesler was superhuman!

  9. Very true...Need more forechecking! Miller is playing outstanding though.

  10. *sigh* They're playing so sloppy, though. I'll feel better if we can score one more. :P

  11. How about those Americans ;) So far so good.

  12. I know, right? Even if hockey is "Canada's game", they have to work for it just like every other team. And to think Americans are supposed to be the obnoxious ones! lol. Just imagine the chaos in the streets all across Canada if the US beats them on their own soil!

  13. That would definitely be something else if we beat Canada. :P I think the thing that bothers me the most about the people on here is that they think they're ENTITLED to the Gold. Like no, they have to work for it just like any other team. And they all have a big chip on their shoulder. It's quite obnoxious. :P

  14. I'm right there with ya! We are sure to get flamed on this board after Team USA beats Canada ;)

  15. OMG ANOTHER AMERICAN. We have to stick together on this board. :P