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  1. Benning on Team 1040

    Yeah hopefully he can trade for a top 6 fwd or a pmd in the next two hours.......
  2. How is the turnaround this quick?

    Don't get me wrong I'm stoked about the team, but weren't we pretty good until Christmas last year? It is still a little early and we haven't had much adversity (if any) do early in the season.
  3. Could We Be Witnessing The Most Elaborate Tank Job Ever?

    I thought Miller might be flipped at the deadline for picks/expiring contract. Thats what I do in NHL 14.
  4. I know this isn't the right place to post this but it just hit me as a possible 3 way trade between Anaheim Florda and Vancouver. Anaheim Kesler Florda 10th overall 6th overall Etem or prospect. Vancouver 1st overall ANA 2nd rounder FLA 2nd rounder Florda gets Ehlers and a Virtanen or other good prospect at 10. Anaheim gets their top end 2nd line C so they can be better cup contenders. Vancouver might overpay a little but thats what it will cost AT LEAST to get the #1. Anaheim would probably need more as well.
  5. Your HUT 14 Team!

    Personally ive gotten extremely lucky, I pulled a Milestone Spezza and sold him for 800k, got 1/3 of my team from him alone. I have worked the market quite well, buying and selling players with a 20-40k swing.
  6. Your HUT 14 Team!

    I dont know I just dont like the way he feels, I really like the size of guys like Duchene, Grabner, Gaborik and Bergeron. Radulov just feels kind of sluggish, on the other hand he has some silky hands. Really hit or miss, Ill have 2-3 goals with him or do absolutely nothing with him. Give him a try and he might work out great for ya.
  7. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Personally I like fast guys so I went after Duchene and Grabner right away, they both worked out nicely for me. Oliver Ekman Larrson is a good OFD. HL (Hockey League) are players who were hot at one point or another in the real NHL so EA released cards for them with higher attributes, generally they are boosted 1 point in each category.
  8. Your HUT 14 Team!

    Makinnon HL - Bergeron Sochi POTG - Grabner Sochi Gaborik - Carter Sochi POTG - Radulov Sochi Giroux - Duchene - Kessel Alfredsson Sochi - Berglund Sochi - Couture Jones - Gardiner Ekman-Larrson POTG - Carlson HL Doughty - Fowler Sochi Fluery HL Smith. Pretty stoked on my team now. Radulov is kind of disapointing, love my third line.
  9. Should we re-sign Mike Santorelli?

    Trade him while he has value.
  10. Bo Horvat Talk

    I thought the exact same when the pick was made but after thinking about it Nichuskin was too much of a risk for Gillis. Bo isn't exactly a home run pick but he is exactly what we need. Think about Nichuskin he already has an attitude and he would most likely clash with Torts. Here we picked a good Canadian kid who will pan out to be an excellent C. I think of him as a more complete Hodgson.
  11. Linden For Gm

    If we do replace gillis which is extremely unlikely it would have to be someone with previous gm or FO experience.
  12. What are you listening to?

  13. What are you listening to?

  14. What are you listening to?