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  1. so I guess we were all about character players, building the right way and yet Benning wants Kane?? I guess what he has been selling is a team full of character players until that team cant win so we have to start looking for non character players and perhaps he can sell that? No thanks
  2. Will we re-sign Vrbata?

    He is a floater that needs other players to get him the puck...hard fit in league today for any team
  3. No thanks,,,I have watched him enough in Colorado and he is a hit or miss player. Has some puck skill for sure but makes quite of few WTF plays on the ice as well. Sakic would keep him if he was really all that. Probably knows his contract will get a little larger and isn't worth the price. Quick trade
  4. this may work "for you" as you state but I can assure you it wouldn't work for Tampa. Maybe Vancouver gives up on their prospects a bit early or at least has in the past. Yzerman knows what he has in Druin and I highly doubt he is going anywhere. Too much judgement on a young kid making a mistake with whom he listened to and all of a sudden his value dropped or at least should have in everyones eyes. This kid is a real talent that any team would love to have.. The Canucks don't have anybody close to his skill set around this age and if we did,,, we wouldn't trade him unless absolutely forced to (Bure) I wonder what people think he is worth now? 21...40 point season playing mostly 4th line minutes...almost a point per game player in playoffs when people think it matters most... I wonder how many top 10 picks actually pan out? don't have the percentage but there are a great many that simply don't. Why would Tampa trade this kid for a possible pan out when he clearly has passed this stage and is appeared headed for stardom (as much as he can be from such a short time) ?
  5. come on,,,people on this board didn't think he was worth more then a 2nd... we may have to throw in Granlund now!
  6. OI think he stays...given very bad advice and still a kid...some take longer to learn and be diplomatic
  7. You mean we can't get him for gaunce and a second anymore???
  8. You never really know in these types of situations...he could have been given bad advice by an agent. Impossible to tell. He is most definately a talent though
  9. It will be interesting to see how Granlund fits and certainly how he does. The problem most people have is that they saw glimpses of pure skill from Shinkaruk in his very limited time playing exibition games for the Canucks. He did look very good in his only game in the third period of his one call up this year. I still remember the goal he score two years ago where he shuffled his feet twice on the left side and completely fooled the goalie with a shot up over his shoulder from a very difficult angle in an exibition game. His performance then almost made the team and he was one of the last cuts made that year. That goal wasn't lucky it was pure skill which is something we haven't seen around here in a long time. I really hope he does well in Calgary and am sad he never got a chance here. People defending Benning have to remember he was part of a decision making process that traded Seguin and Wheeler out of Boston.. Just food for thought and always debateable
  10. well, we know one thing for sure and thats,, if you thought Vey was giftwrapped opportunities to score and play on the powerplay to make the trade look good, what do you think will happen here with all the backlash?
  11. Bet benning is trying for druin with McCann and a high pick. Maybe hamhuis and mccann
  12. The one thing I can't understand, why Benning would trade for another player in the same mold that we currently have. Linden Vey..I could understand if he got a big banging winger that can forcheck and hit, something we currently dont have. Or even a defenseman that we desperately need. This team is ridiculously easy to play against and as it sits, now, still will be in the future as well with these types of moves.
  13. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    I wish him well and will cheer for him in Calgary! He was my favorite prospect
  14. I can see why we traded shinkaruk...why would anybody want to watch a kid with skill and potential who has fun playing the game? An untested player for Linden Vey version 2.0 Great deal!
  15. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    I just hope Gaunce gets more of a chance. Doesn't seem like him or Shink are Benning types of players for whatever reason. We will see