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  1. What the hell does me being a coach has to do with having an opinion? Are you a coach? I actually don't even know what I have said that pisses you off so much. My original post was saying I thought he was one of our best defenseman and he should have been played as such. I blame Willy and his old-man bullish!t for this. This is a sentiment that many of the fan base has. I merely used the CA article that looked at some of the analytics to back my thoughts. How is this possibly "dim-witted"? If you honestly belive he should have played the least amount of minutes on our team then you are the dim-witted one. Period.
  2. Read the post from Canucks Army I posted a page or two back. "Despite having the lowest average ice time among Canucks defencemen (a defence core that included Luca Sbisa, Erik Gudbranson and Alex Biega), Tryamkin had the highest score-adjusted Fenwick among Canucks defenders." He was a damn good defensemen who deserved more minutes. Analytics and the eye test both agree. I won't even respond to the dim witted comments. None of those are necessary here.
  3. Really good read.
  5. Nikita Tryamkin
  6. I completely agree with this post.
  7. He probably feels entitled because he was legitimately one of our best defenseman and he knew that. Good players SHOULD get more minutes. Forget this old man, old school philosophy and play your best players regardless of age. I bet Trym looked at our defence and laughed at guys like Sbisa getting huge minutes. Laughable..... The other tired narrative is the Canucks saying he was out of shape. He didn't look it in the preseason did he?
  8. Alighty then....Quads it is :^/
  9. The force is strong in this one.
  10. Who the F is Quads?
  11. 4 years 11 million. He is basically a top 4 dman less than 80 games into his career. That's impressive.
  12. Every time Granlund scores I think of this thread :D
  13. I would prefer the Leafs offense first model. I need to be entertained.
  14. Miller 6m Hansen 2.5 Burrows 4.5 13m / 2 = 6.5 Bernier is 4.15 Even if we took 2 slugs making 1M we make this work all day. I think it makes sense for Anaheim and Hansen and Miller have already been heavily speculated to having links to Anaheim. Burrows just makes sense considering his ties to Kesler and Bieksa.