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  1. All Time Canuck Draft Pick Game

    Round 1 pick 9 - R. Luongo
  2. Who will be the top team in english premier league

    ABM - anyone but ManU
  3. General 2015 pan-am games thread

    Field hockey coming up.....
  4. Markus Naslund 6 Point Game 2/25/2003

    Only if we had legit goaltender back then.....
  5. BC Lions

    Lions defence is brutal right now
  6. Canucks Team Numbers

    53 is special to BO for some personal reason right? Ex team mate or something...
  7. No comebacks for u watermelons .

  8. Had dream that Canucks won cup against Tampa but NHL replayed game 7 and we lost 3-2

    1. thejazz97

      Wouldn't doubt it.

  9. [Trade] T.J. Oshie to Capitals

    i do not want any cup less city to win before we make it 2.
  10. Early Early Standings Predictions

    Final Standings predictions: Atlantic: Tampa Bay* Montreal* Ottawa Detroit* Buffalo Florida Toronto Boston Metropolitan: Columbus* Washington* NYI* NYR* Pittsburgh* New Jersey Carolina Philadelphia Pacific: Calgary* Anaheim* Arizona* Edmonton Los Angeles* Vancouver San Jose Central: Dallas* Winnipeg* Minnesota* Chicago* Colorado St. Louis Nashville Only indicating who goes in positions can change
  11. Happy Canada Day 2015

    Happy Birthday Canada.
  12. Here is in simple words Two consenting adults should be able to be in love and marry. Please do not involve kids in it, does not make sense at all. And to sexual relations between relatives - depends, some countries are ok with cousins getting married. Freedom does not mean you get to commit crime, right now some drugs are banned and u can not take them and say it is my right to do it. May be in few years public opinion will change and they will not be banned anymore, then u can go ahead and enjoy them.
  13. Stop the draft!

    While we are at it let's also introduce relegation
  14. [Report] Cody Hodgson Could Be Bought Out

    too bad for kid, from future captain to bought out. even at draft everyone say what a pick, smart great hockey mind etc. only had he waited for his turn......... but we will never know unless we sign him. haha
  15. Sky train .......

    1. Gstank29

      Is running....

    2. Ghostsof1915

      Bring back the interurban.