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  1. Bobby Lou's Panthers are 2nd in the East lol, good for him, he deserves it.

    1. canucksnhl


      Miller, 3rd for Luongo?

  2. Saudi Arabia head of UN human rights council......LOL can't make this stuff up

  3. F' "Cait Jenner",The little girl fighting cancer and a veteran missing both legs deserved the courage award

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Edlerberry


      i broke the dam

    3. Dazzle


      Jenner was a former gold medalist.

      That being said, I hate the Cait Jenner exposure. There's even a TV show called "I am Cait".

      It just reeks of being an attention whore, rather than a legitimate desire for a search in identity.

    4. thejazz97


      Appearances aren't everything. People shouldn't change theirs to try and fit in.

      With that being said, it would have taken a tremendous amount of perseverance to do what Jenner did.

      I do have to agree with Dazzle, though.

  4. F' "Cait Jenner",0 A little girl fighting cancer and a veteran missing both legs deserved the courage award

  5. I'm in love with the coco


  7. Why did the CBC cut out Bieksa-Ferland shaking hands seconds before they did...

    1. Gross-Misconduct


      cause they gave each other a kiss on the cheek

    2. BanTSN


      It's because Bieksa is going to be traded to Toronto.

    3. nux4lyfe


      they made out?

  8. C'mon Miller, steal the game tonight, the rest just show up.

  9. Miller played good. Time to roll with him.

    1. drummer4now
    2. StealthNuck
    3. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Doesn't matter if u can't score. F sakes why is it always about the goalie in Vancouver.

  10. McMillan is from Richmond, BC...... I'm rooting for this guy now.

  11. Who's Mcmillan?!


  13. Can someone plus KO Ferlund.