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  1. Switching to a new provider.... I went from WIND to Telus and I'm not too pleased. Low bars, no connection inside buildings.... What one do you guys use and how is your speed and connectivity?
  2. Bobby Lou's Panthers are 2nd in the East lol, good for him, he deserves it.

    1. canucksnhl


      Miller, 3rd for Luongo?

  3. Energy East pipeline (Nenshi vs Coderre)

    Meanwhile LNG supporters remain silent while the Cali' Methane leak continues.....
  4. Saudi Arabia head of UN human rights council......LOL can't make this stuff up

  5. Was this legal?

    Just to clarify, I was polite with them, aside from the first cop putting his hand on his gun and shouting put your hands up, they were pretty mild mannered to match my manners. Asked me if I had id to prove if it was my house, but didn't make me go inside to get it once they figured out I was being honest. I was just curious to how the laws work here, when your on your own property etc.
  6. Was this legal?

    Basically what I asked/said. No but colored in Surrey. Boom. End of Thread.
  7. Was this legal?

    I walk out my property, see three cop cars to my left, walk past them to the right side of my home like I always do to have a smoke. The cop cars go hard in reverse and roll through my alley flashing their lights looking for someone. Then go in reverse and pull back onto the mainroad, as I'm walking out (done smoking), one of them rolls up on me, jumps out lol and yells "put your hands up". Make's me put my hands up, turn around, wait for the other two cars. Then I get questioned as to what I'm doing. I tell em I'm having a smoke on my own property, and they start saying how weird it is I'm going to the side of my home blah blah blah, ask me for ID on my own property to prove it's my property. Then finally say there's been break and enter's in the neighbourhood and I was suspicious and that's why they questioned me. I never showed ID the guy told me it's good and I can go
  8. Syrian Refugees Pepper Sprayed

    There's a rumor going around that apparently it was Stephen Harper.
  9. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Snitch Dwayne Johnson (2013) 7.5/10
  10. The Walking Dead Thread

    Maybe the priest does something to save the kid and sacrifices himself to the hoard, there has to be some reason for that little part where he tells Rick he's not going to back down before they walked out. Successfully redeeming the character.