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  1. Possibly the worst game I've ever seen.
  2. People are over hyped on this guy. What's gonna happen when he has 2 or 3 bad games in a row?
  3. The Canucks are a crap team this year, management has made terrible moves and even worse signings. Sorry but how can anyone expect people to sit down and watch this crap for 3 hours? It's boring and they're not winning. Not surprised at all by the low ratings.
  4. Devil we know vs. the devil we don't? What will be the first thing you do if elected Prime Minister Mr. Trudeau? ''....errrr, global warming...and climate change n such...'' Really? Besides the fact he looks like a high school drama class substitute teacher, there is no way I can vote for that moron.
  5. What a surprise, zero goals...again...but at least we got rid of that goalie....
  6. What is more embarrassing? The fans jeering Eddie lack. Bunch of idiots. I swear, some of these fans just try to be stupid.
  7. Wtf just happened
  8. OH MY GOD
  9. What's going on in your sig is the more appropriate question....
  10. Holy sh!t Lu just got ran hard.
  11. His UFA signings and negotiating skills in re-singing players is also very underrated. We have so many players playing under market value. But I agree, his weakness is interacting with other GM's. Other than Dale Tallon of course.
  12. 2 on 1 odd man rushes. Learn to score on them.
  13. Orca Team 6
  14. Is it just me or does it seem like these CBC idiots never shutup about Drew Doughty?
  15. Make up call in 3.....2.....