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  1. where have you been?

  2. I've been trying to learn that move for like 2 months now, can't finger it out.
  4. On THA LOONEY TOONS. I got laid off back in December, went to the lobby and ended up joining his club. Now I've been stuck playing till 6am everyday and waking up at 4pm is not a great time to start job hunting. That fijin donkey is ruining my life:P
  5. Little feej on feej action. I like it.
  6. *cough cough* Move into the top inside 'corner' of the weakside circle area. Aim at either 3 or 9 o'clock on the respective near side(dunno what side you play). I don't have a D partner so I don't get to do it very often, but whenever my centermen sets me up for it, I put it in the net 95% of the time. P.s. Now that I know you guys have a fijan defencemen, I'll make sure my teammates don't try to back out of games against you.
  7. Most hockey teammates are pretty close, apparently teammates of an EASHL team are even closer.
  8. You're to beautiful for one of them pretty CDC 2010 things by your name.
  9. LOL, after I knew the game was over(2-1 or 3-1 goal) I just went out looking for 'mementos'. Something positive for me to take away from the game.
  10. Had fun getting dominated in the 3rd period against you. Sorry we didn't go for a second round. But I did keep some mementos from the game.
  11. You really caught my emotion in that video:P. I probably should have stopped that one but I expected you guys to go into cycle mode off the faceoff.
  12. ROFLCOPTER? Really? Having you crush me into the boards after every whistle got me watching you. Was nice to get my revenge a couple times. GG, second time I've went into OT against you guys....well, first time. Last time we all D/C with 2 seconds left in the 3rd tied 2-2. Love Perlene Pricklybush
  13. I'm what you'd call an EA Slut.
  14. West Coast Snipers vs CDC 2010 I gotta say that was a pretty damn good game. With like 2 seconds left I got disconnected and apparently you guys did too. It's a shame to end a 2-2 game like that. I was excited for overtime. That Doughty guy has a friggen monster of a shot. Ugly as sin too. I had to quit that club halfway through the game after that. My D partner(Joo) absolutely drove me nuts, plays like an idiot, chases the puck, gets the puck and shoots everytime and yet still found the time to criticize me for the ways I stop all the 2 on 1's I had to defend. That being said, if you happen to play them again. -Their RD(IReadTheToRah or something) is constantly looking for onetimers and walk in slappers. He's absolutely crap under pressure so just keep a guy on him. When in their end, just go for a little trip behind the net and he'll chase you everytime. It'll leave someone in front for a 1timer. -(Stroke/Spoke?) Always plays as Phil Kessel. Has trouble holding onto the puck when carrying it in, tends to get hit alot. If he DOES get it in he'll either go for the cheese goal or fail attempting a cross crease. He's annoying to defend against due to the repetitiveness but not hard to handle. When someones pressuring him he panics and loses sight of his teamates usually resulting in a turnover from a blind pass -xxEA_Legend_xx(Moe Something/LW?) - Hard to hit, hard to knock the puck away from unless you trap him. 95% of the time he is looking to cross crease to Kessel(who rarely connects). You take away the reciever and he'll be rendered useless as he can't finish and doesn't cheese I don't know how but they are a consistent top 20 team so you beat them and you'll gain a nice amount of points. Keep up the good work and throw a hammer on that Dman for me a few times.
  15. If you kittens need a back up Dman or goaler, my 'jaxsun_12' account is a free agent. I'm a pass before shoot type of player and judging by previous experiences against you guys, I'd fit right in. Once again, it would only be as a backup since my little homy-oh's over at the kanucka tribe need a leader(hahahahaha).