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  1. Edler and his broken sticks *facepalm*
  2. The Canucks winning the lottery alone will make the offseason satisfying.
  3. Can't help but to think back to 1988... American centre with great wheels... Mike Modano.... 6'4 RW from Medicine Hat.... Got a feeling the Canucks would end up with #2 and take Laine.
  4. Burrows definitely making case he is not just a grumpy old guy on the team.
  5. wasn't this line crazy good in one of the pre-season games? and willie mention he will have to remember this combo?
  6. Have to look back at the Kyle Turris trade a few years back. 3rd overall pick, wanted out. Lots of similarities. And Turris went for Rundblad and 2nd rounder.
  7. Willie is pumping Vey's tires so.........
  8. Take a deep breath Canuck fans and don't just listen the Craig. Do you want to develop the kids and give them a chance on offense or do you want to keep playing the Sedins?
  9. Leave WD alone. He is doing one heck of a job. With the line up they have and the injuries they have had this year, where the heck do people expect the team to be? When torts was here, people were complaining that the sedins were playing too much and need to roll four lines. Now the ice time is more spread out and people are complaining the kids are not playing enough or Dorsett is playing too much. Stop listening to the radio hosts.
  10. the shutout trick always works
  11. "sign lucic"
  12. Canada allowed 15 goals against 3 of the better teams in the tournament. Jake was not the only issue on the team.
  13. Impossible to sugar coat this one. Jake had a terrible game and a terrible tournament. Having said that, I doubt the Canucks will send him down. Can you imagine what that will do to his confidence? That is how you wreck young players.
  14. Refs thought the game was way too boring at 0-0 so they wanted to generate some goals for both teams. Job done.
  15. Definitely ahead of schedule. They probably hoped Gaunce and Virtanen would be pushing for spots, but definitely not McCann and Hutton. Remember what Benning said when he first came in. Not only were the Canucks lacking top prospects in the 18-19 year old range, but also the mid 20 years olds to bridge the gap. That is why he brought in Vey, Bonino, Sbisa to buy some time instead of going full rebuild. Now the kids have outplayed those mid 20 year olds in preseason and Benning has a good problem to have.