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  1. This thread is legendary, why did it get unstickied
  2. It's more beneficial to the whole team if Burrows plays on the top line rather than Samuelsson. Lets say Burrows moves to the 2nd/3rd line and Samuelsson moves to the first line. Samuelsson might gain 15 points from playing with the Sedns, but Burrows might end up losing 25 points by NOT playing with the Sedins. Net loss: 10 points. Also, with Burrows not a consistent offensive threat on the 2nd/3rd line, we'll only have one goal scoring line + two 'energy' lines as opposed to two goal scoring lines.
  3. Is it anymore obvious that Burrows needs the Sedins in order to thrive? The second game Daniel is back and the Sedins - Burrows line is reinstated, Burrows scores a goal. The injury to Daniel effectively removed two players from the lineup - Daniel, obviously, and Burrows. Now that Daniel and Burrows are back, the Canucks will have some sorely needed consistent offense.
  4. lol Vancouver transit... one of the slowest in expanding their public transit infrastructure and updating their technology... a lot of other countries and even other provinces are already using the smart card system and have rapid transit to their cities key areas. It's shameful we don't even have skytrain access to our two biggest universities and the VGH.
  5. I had one class at UBC this morning. Couldn't believe it when UBC DIDN'T cancel classes. Although the snow out here in Coquitlam/Burnaby is probably 2x thicker than the snow in Vancouver. So I skipped. And got a nice few extra hours of sleep