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  1. Isn't that Cf00 its from the same photobucket account
  2. Look back in the thread there are some of d. sedin and nabokov renders
  3. Ahaha thats cool..=]

  4. Ohh haha;) You'll have the perfect one someday ;) Pumped for the game tonight?

  5. Thats good=] Hhaha, Any girls you crushing on in your class?

  6. Ahahah, Thats cool=] So whats new? How is school going?

  7. Ahaha, Okay buddy;)... It seems that these days NHL09 is very addicting..:|.. anyways have fun=]

  8. Ahaha yeah same! I hope the Sharks win though!

  9. Ohh ahah thats cool=] ME? Nothing really.. Just watching some hockey with a couple friends with me=]