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  1. Anyone know of a place besides Ebay/Craigslist I can get my hands on some Vancouver Grizzlies clothing?

    1. Canazzy


      aha, I prefer my clothing without the smell of some sort of smoke :P

    2. 2 Sedins 1 cup
    3. Canazzy


      i dont like it used either...

  2. Anybody know the sports store under The Bay on grandville? Whats it called?

    1. BuckyHermit


      I think it was called VanCity Sports.

    2. Canazzy


      Thanks a lot!

  3. Our D is Deeper and better with him KB>Salo.

  4. grrr... i can't edit my post ... soo...

    Hate *him*

    *the* TINY mistakes *he makes*

    The asterixes represent things i meant to say.


  5. I only HATE because TINY mistakes usually lead to a LOSS. The trade deadline approaches, and rumours seem to be floating around ;)

  6. I despise your sig. That is all.

  7. Thanks for viewing my profile!

  8. What are you listening to?
  9. Great sig, but you spelled "russian" wrong.

  10. Banned the user above you

    Banned cause I like banning people. (Thats what she said)
  11. Banned the user above you

    Banned for using "plz" and not please.Banned for noobyness.
  12. Banned the user above you

    Banned because I keep having random crap come in my post.
  13. Banned the user above you

    Banned for having a cartoon pedofile and not a hot girl as your avatar.