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  1. Anyone know of a place besides Ebay/Craigslist I can get my hands on some Vancouver Grizzlies clothing?

    1. Canazzy


      aha, I prefer my clothing without the smell of some sort of smoke :P

    2. 2 Sedins 1 cup
    3. Canazzy


      i dont like it used either...

  2. Anybody know the sports store under The Bay on grandville? Whats it called?

    1. BuckyHermit


      I think it was called VanCity Sports.

    2. Canazzy


      Thanks a lot!

  3. Our D is Deeper and better with him KB>Salo.

  4. grrr... i can't edit my post ... soo...

    Hate *him*

    *the* TINY mistakes *he makes*

    The asterixes represent things i meant to say.


  5. I only HATE because TINY mistakes usually lead to a LOSS. The trade deadline approaches, and rumours seem to be floating around ;)

  6. I despise your sig. That is all.

  7. Thanks for viewing my profile!

  9. Great sig, but you spelled "russian" wrong.

  10. Banned cause I like banning people. (Thats what she said)
  11. Banned for using "plz" and not please.Banned for noobyness.
  12. Banned because I keep having random crap come in my post.
  13. Banned for having a cartoon pedofile and not a hot girl as your avatar.