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  1. Safe to say Ludwig Blomstrand is injured? He wasn't at the Young Stars Classic, has yet to see any preseason action and hasn't been sent down.
  2. Jack Swagger face turn. Return of AJ Lee. "This is awesome!" *clap* *clap* "This is awesome!" *clap* *clap* "This is awesome!" *clap* *clap* Who would have guessed these two would be the mark out moments of a Raw?
  3. Nice to see Dean Ambrose wearing the vest again. The masks are such an awesome extra touch.
  4. You had two Divas in there that could wrestle. I expected a longer match with near falls. The average Eva Marie/Aksana match was longer than that.
  5. That was weak...
  6. J.R. predicts Brock Lesnar will be WWE Champion for WrestleMania XXXI. Lesnar's previous contract ended today. New one begins tomorrow. Perhaps more dates in new deal?
  7. All is forgotten about the Brock Lesnar/Undertaker match. At least for now...
  8. What are they doing with this stretcher deal? They're not actually going to let Orton and Batista win this one are they?
  9. No Shield? Really? They had a two minute match. Really thought they would be in the main event to stop injustice.
  10. Cue The Shield.
  11. Aw, I thought they were going to play Shine in My Light.
  12. That could have been a lot worse. Good Divas match. Impossible to succeed after the Brock Lesnar/The Undertaker match. Props for the Natalya, Aksana, and Naomi power bomb/suplex combo.
  13. Props to Emma for being to able to get a reaction from this crowd.
  14. Perhaps the Undertaker legitimately had nothing left in him to kick out.