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  1. Please come back..... :(

  2. Doesn't even check in for his mail! :-( Just hope you've joined us incognito in another form and haven't left us permanently! Miss your witticisms!

  3. UB, where are you?

    We miss you. Sorta.

  4. Hi UB..

    Well this is awkward.

  5. Last Seen: 14th August 2008 - 11:22 AM

    Where are you?

  6. Oh where or where can my UncleBob be, oh where, oh where has he gone? You're 23 days overdue for touchdown, don't tell me you've been kidnapped by a band of Eastern gypsies and your last post was really your 'last post' :( *Cue the trumpet player for Taps!* Hurry back, I need a tag team partner! Haha!

  7. Where have you been? Are you suspended?

  8. FIRST comment, Bob?

  9. OMG Snow?

    Another win for the North...you don't have to choose between Men's Night at the golf course and a playoff game on TV. Decent weather hits just around the time the playoffs are over (people don't plant their gardens until early June). I'm kind of looking forward to a trip south in the next little while, but I'm not going down there to freeze my donkey off when it's warmer here. Let me know when it stops snowing.