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  1. exactly whats needed in playoffs. Big Tough Defensive D man to match up.
  2. Love Dorsett but way to much cap hit for a bottom 9 role player in this cap era.
  3. Jordan Schroeder

    i see him as being similar to Grabner. A change of scenery and new environment might light a fire under his ass, wake him up and make him realize he is about to bust. Unfortunately i don't see him succeeding here. Just like Grabner never would have if he stayed.
  4. Your speculation is most likely completely incorrect. That is all.
  5. Jason Garrison so far?

    14P 7G 7A +17 NUFF SAID Garrison had a slow start due to a few factors. Lockout/9 Month layoff. New team and new System. The Canucks system on D is very unique. The Caucks D are VERY active, press and pinch alot from the point with complete freedom. This takes time to adjust to. Most coaches do not allow this. I said from day 1 that Garrison would regain his form over time. He has done this and has be arguably our best D man this season, after his slow start. SOLID in his own end. Insanely good along the boards, great first look out of the zone, and obviously a howitzer from the point. Don't forget he has done this, and is close to his goal pace of last season while seeing very little time on the 1st PP unit. Imagine if he was a mainstay on that unit like Edler is...
  6. Jason Garrison so far?

    Ya... im bumping my own reply from January. But i was right. Classic CDC panic mode.
  7. Jason Garrison so far?

  8. Jannik Hansen

    A fine troll job.
  9. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    i prefer it not pinned. It adds to the legacy that is this thread knowing that its always around even though its not pinned, just bumped.
  10. <img src="" class="imageFloatLeftFramed">Tonight the Vancouver Canucks face a struggling St. Louis Blues hockey team, currently sitting in 15th place in the Western conference. Many fans would expect this to be an easy win for the Canucks. Our recent track record however, concerns me. I expect this game to be a hard fought battle, and contrary to popular belief; that this game should be in the bag before the blades even hit the ice, our team has alot to prove in tonights game. The Canucks have dropped seemingly "easy" games to lower ranked teams. These losses to Nashville on Dec. 8, Carolina on Dec. 5, and Anaheim Dec. 15 have been real momentum killers for the Canucks, and if losses like these continue to mount we are sure to be in trouble come the end of the regular season. The Canucks are, and should be, under alot of pressure for tonight's game. It is crucial that this club finds the capability to tally up wins against the lower half of the league, and until this starts to happen on a regular basis, the Canucks SHOULD be putting themselves under alot of pressure for seemingly "walk in the park" games. In the new NHL every team is a threat. Teams like the Hurricanes, Ducks, and Blues have the skill and ability to win against any team in the NHL. The Canucks have proven their ability to raise their level of play against top tier teams like the Capitals. The luxury of a low pressure game against a top ranked team seems to fire the team up. They now need to prove that when the role is reversed; that when the pressure is turned onto them against a lower ranked team, that they can continue to step up their game. Tonight we will learn a lot about the character of this team. Real champions are champions for 60 minutes of a hockey game; not 40. Real champions play like champions against EVERY team in the league, on every night. The Canucks need to prove tonight that their level of play does not fluctuate to the level of their opponent, and that they truly are championship caliber. Thoughts?
  11. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    this thread will never go away...
  12. sorry

    Your a f u c k i n g idiot, you dumb piece of S H I T

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