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  1. I have a friend that was is VERY close with a current canuck. His report is exactly the same. The Sedins are the two classiest guys in the NHL. McCann AND VIRTANEN are both young, spoiled, self entitled brats. Particularly Virtanen from this source. Keep in mind both very young with a lot of maturing to do. You might say my source is bull$&!# but i know it to be VERY true.
  2. what you're saying is he will become Alex Burrows 2.0
  3. i dont know how anyone calls the boston game 7 a heartless performance.... i stopped reading at that point. That team gave it their all and were riddled with serious injuries to Hamhuis, and Rome suspension....
  4. exactly whats needed in playoffs. Big Tough Defensive D man to match up.
  5. Seriously people. Big tough, solid, YOUNG defensive defencemen do not grow on trees. We are getting a more proven young player here. Do not underestimate the necessity that is solid defence.
  6. You lost me at Hammer at 3 mil next year. He will get over 5 mil per year if he wants it.
  7. Our luck we'd come last and lose the lottery...
  8. i've heard worse in my beer leagues. Whats said on the ice should stay on the ice. These are grown men not children.
  9. Nobody gets moved. Depth is a good something. There's more often than not an injury.
  10. LOL this message board is ridiculous. You can say that about any post on the front page.
  11. You all seem to have some memory loss. I see everyone complaining everywhere about how the young guys are being under used. Does nobody remember how Horvat was introduced to the league? He was used VERY sparingly at the beginning of last season, even up until the 3/4 mark. It was prob thanks to this that he was so effective in the second half, and that his confidence was so high in the playoffs. Believe it or not WD knows more about hockey, and about rookie development than all you hacks. He is developing his young players properly. Slowly, as to limit their mistakes. These kids are not used to playing this many games in such a short span of time. They need to be introduced slowly or they'll have no gas left by late December.
  12. I have faith in Benning. Its too bad that our clueless fan base and media will get impatient with the rebuild in about two years to the point that he will be fired; a couple years shy of his team being legit.
  13. Love Dorsett but way to much cap hit for a bottom 9 role player in this cap era.
  14. i see him as being similar to Grabner. A change of scenery and new environment might light a fire under his ass, wake him up and make him realize he is about to bust. Unfortunately i don't see him succeeding here. Just like Grabner never would have if he stayed.